The Bold & Beautiful. How to Accessorise.

The Bold & Beautiful. How to Accessorise.

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Spring is here, and so is the bolder and more beautiful you. The future looks bright as lockdown progressively comes to an end. Undeniably, such adverse times only make you stronger. In hindsight, lockdown forced me to take a U-turn from a less purposeful trajectory. My new direction is one of profound inner peace and self-belief. Overall, the pandemic has metamorphosed our life journey and, as such, presented a unique opportunity for self-awareness.

The one thing that has not changed – from a fashion perspective – is my stylish, trend-loving self. I recently reorganised my wardrobe, which is such a cathartic process. Some of my favourite items no longer fit, sadly. I am working on my post-lockdown summer body (by the way) – not an easy feat. Now is the time to refresh your dishevelled, lockdown wardrobe and to feel bold in your fashion choices again. I would start by going back to the basics. Separate your go-to wardrobe staples from the ones you would rather forget. Rather than hoard unwanted items, perhaps donate them to charity or sell them on an app called Vinted to make extra money – every little bit helps.

Bold & Beautiful Accessories

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams with old-fashioned or threadbare accessories? If that is the case, then they must go. I stand by the notion, however, that an outfit is not complete without a polished accessory (at that) – a bag, belt or the newest must-have, a fashionable face mask. An investment purchase, such as a designer handbag, can make a distinctive difference to a high street outfit. Furthermore, we are in for a treat this spring, with the ultimate drop of accessories trending globally. Here are five hot accessories with which to bless your spring/summer wardrobe:

Bold Studded Masks

(1) The mask is fast becoming a must-have accessory. The hip fashion brand Ideal of Sweden offers an array of stunning accessories. Their studded face masks make a bold and beautiful fashion statement while protecting you against the virus. They come in a variety of colours to suit different outfits. Take your pick, but you will be spoilt for choice.

  • Bold Accessories. Ideal of Sweden
  • Bold Accessories. Ideal of Sweden

Beautiful, Simplified Bag

(2) When you accessorise your outfit with a simplified, medium-sized bag, less is more, or instead, minimalism stands out. Sometimes too much fuss creates confusion, but a simple design leaves more room for creative input. Ideal of Sweden’s Evergreen Croco Pouch presents a luxury, modern design and makes for the perfect on-the-go accessory.

Bold Accessories. Ideal of Sweden 2
Evergreen Pouch. Ideal of Sweden – RRP £59.99

Phone Accessories Galore

(3) Our phones would not look the same without matching accessories. They remind me of an assortment of sweets – pretty, tasteful and irresistible. Ideal of Sweden’s magnetic ring mount is super stylish. What is more, you can pair it with a matching charger or phone case.

Bold Accessories. Ideal of Sweden
Golden Smoke Marble. Ideal of Sweden – RRP £24.99


(4) A belt helps to contour your body shape when cinched in at the waist. Everybody needs a classic belt as a trans-seasonal wardrobe staple. George at ASDA and Crew Clothing offer a selection of stylish belts that are such good value for money.

  • Bold Accessories. Asda George
  • Bold Accessories. Crew Clothing

(5) Look good and feel good in a pair of sunglasses. It is the accessory of the 21st century – bold, beautiful and simply uber-cool. Can you imagine life without a pair of shades? No! This powerful accessory offers multiple disguises – mystery, charm and that cool-calm-collected vibe. They are a tease, just like the British weather. Primark have a stylish pair of Faux Tortoiseshell Sandwich Cat Eye Sunglasses at only £2.00 – wow!

Bold Accessories. Primark
Faux Tortoiseshell Sandwich Cat Eye Sunglasses. Primark – RRP £2.00

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