Why Eight Seats At The Table?

Why Eight Seats At The Table?

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Set within the luxury @riverscapeldn showroom apartment, the capital’s hottest new riverfront development, I had the pleasure of hosting an influencer dinner with the concept of ‘Eight Seats at the Table’ bringing together likeminded individuals, professionals and influencers to discuss industry topics and trends – no podcasts, no recordings, just a good old-fashioned dinner table discussion. Michelin-starred chef @hulstone offered an exquisite seafood-inspired bespoke menu to coincide with the waterfront-lifestyle messaging.

Breathtaking Riverscape Views

Why Eight Seats at The Table? I used the Riverscape apartment for a previous photo shoot. The eight-seating dining table was a focal point, perfect for dinner parties with friends and family over chit-chat, laughter, quality food and wine, hence the Eight Seats at The Table concept. Furthermore, the vast waterscape and views of neighbouring areas such as North Greenwich, Canary Wharf and Royal Victoria’s Emirates Airline make for an idyllic setting. 

Conversations become lost, in this day and age, while more people turn to their phones for entertainment. Whatever happened to traditional values such as “no phones at the table” to encourage social interaction, especially amongst the younger generation who are more interested in the latest Tiktok trends? The Eight Seats at The Table concept is a reminder of the importance of social engagement and discussion; such treasures were once lost (but re-established) through lockdown and should be cherished.

Eight Dynamic Guests

Each guest brought their dynamic voice and bundles of character to the table in a discussion about what it takes to be valued and respected by fellow industry professionals: self-value vs perceived value. The standards you set will determine your professional and personal relationships. It has taken me years of hard work against all odds to get to my current career stage. I have sometimes compromised my self-value and worth to get my foot in the door. Despite being capable of a particular job, I had to prove my self-worth more than others, making me second-guess my capabilities. 

When in doubt, I think about all the hard work, passion, dedication, and drive I have put into transforming my dreams into a reality – sweat and tears included – reminders of what it takes to appreciate your value and know your worth despite the opinion of others. “It is only a matter of time until others see your value and true worth – keep reminding them, be consistent until unforgettable.” Here are other inspirational quotes from my fabulous and inspiring guests:

Inspirational Quotes

“You can have anything you want as long as you dress for it. Be unapologetically you.” ~ @annaliesedayes

“Enhance your beauty through doing what you love, through your chosen line of work.” ~ @arte.medical of @esra.medical

“Be yourself.” ~ @kwofie

“How can you be brave if you don’t feel fear? Be bold and honest with yourself?” ~ @antoinettealexis

“Enhance self- and perceived-value through perseverance and another talent.” ~ @kwakuanytime

“Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s ok to be vulnerable with yourself and to know your emotions.” ~ @aisha.uk

“Believe in yourself, stay focused, don’t let anyone disturb your peace and journey.” ~ @ophyliatv

L’Occitane provided relaxing Lavender CBD Relaxing Shower Gel for female guests and Eau De Cedrat Shower Gel for male guests.

Written by @styleiconnat | Thank you, Riverscape | Press Partnership


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