Fashion Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Fashion Trends To Look Out For In 2022

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The future of fashion is on the up and looks relatively bright as new trends come to the forefront of the fashion arena. Unapologetic, bold, relentless fashion and beauty trends are on the horizon, a far cry from last year’s home comforts of slippers and tracksuits. This year is about reinvention, feeling good about oneself and breaking through restrictions. Here are ten trends to look forward to for 2022.

  1. Dopamine dressing is the new dressing down, characterised by bright colours (think rainbow or Fuschia dresses), a flare of embellishment and feel-good fits overall. What is more, statement colours and flamboyant styles could only mean one thing – a 1980s fashion revival once again.
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  1. Biophilic Mania. The world seems more in tune with nature and its benefits to our wellbeing and mental health. Biophilic trends will influence the future of fashion in floral prints, hues of green, yellow and earthy colours enabling us to feel more energised and good about ourselves. Say goodbye to joggers and hello to sensual satin and silk nightwear. Sleepless nights will become more restful in feel-good fabrics.
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The Bestie Aesthetic Fashion Trend

3. The ‘Bestie’ aesthetic will encourage us to celebrate solid relationships and BFF love. All age groups are looking for friendship bracelets, his ‘n’ her jewellery and accessories to bind their passion—what better way to start than with Valentine’s Day.

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  1. The Micro Blazer gives the classic blazer a run for its money, offering more styling opportunities. Pair this cute item with skinny pants, boot-cut jeans, or a skating skirt to create an hourglass silhouette. There are so many ways in which to style the micro blazer. It’s a fun piece and a more contemporary version of the tailored jacket.
  2. Tiny blazers not your thing? Oversized, boxy jackets are still amongst the fashion classics. You can pair this item with anything. Executed in black, they also work well in white, tan, and tweed. Who doesn’t love a Chanel-inspired piece?
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6. Shiny Things/Hypnotising Fabrics will make us feel good, like dopamine dressing. Leather is one of the main fabrics within the hypnotising trend, enhanced by teasing glitters, magical shine and graphic embellishment. Hang onto your leather trousers that look sexy-cool paired with a slouchy knitted jumper.

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7. Statement dressing will take the stage this year, but bold colours will lead the way instead of fussy accoutrements. This year, purple, lilac, pink and yellow will compete for the year’s Pantone colour. Purple signifies regalness, yellow and pinks elicit positive emotions. Tweed, tulle skirts/dresses and power suiting will execute most of these colours.

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8. This year, rebellion will appear in a different guise – represented not only through leather attire but also demure lace – to create a dynamic juxtaposition of these trends. The latter is also synonymous with drastic lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic.

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9. Stripes are a perennial favourite, but they are getting a significant glow-up this year. Instead of the classic horizontal pattern, new variations of colour, width, and direction will add more character to your outfit.

10. Skin Is In. After seasons of protective layering, it would seem that the era calls for showing some skin to feel free and wild. But fear not, the runways aren’t calling for us to bear all. Instead, seductive, sinewy silhouettes that reveal snippets of the midriff are more alluring. The takeaway? Maybe to live la dolce vita, you have to show a little skin and leave the rest to the imagination.

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