How To Survive “The Big Four?”

How To Survive “The Big Four?”

Photography : Alice Dickerson Digital

The busiest months on the fashion calendar are February and September. There is no time for holiday planning, let alone spending any quality time with family and friends. “The Big Four” really does take over, and by that, I mean the New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks, which come and go like a whirlwind. A typical working day in the industry, during fashion week, is a roller-coaster ride of non-stop events, shows, and parties followed by tired eyes, feet and dehydrated skin. You can prevent such annoyances from escalating if you plan your daily outfits accordingly and organise the content of your bag wisely. This season introduced the ready-to-wear collections of spring-summer 2018. Unfortunately, I missed London Fashion Week due to a sponsored trip to Milan for the MICAM exhibition, after which I extended my stay throughout Milan Fashion Week.

I usually attend London, Milan, and Paris. A commitment to “The Big Four” requires meticulous suitcase packing. The question is, am I ready for next season, including New York Fashion Week? Are you ready for fashion week next year? The answer is yes, of course, but only if you invest in essential products with long-lasting effects. Thanks to Chase PR, I had enough beauty armor to tackle the elements in Milan this season. Chase sent me a cosmetic pouch by Lipault Paris containing a 50ml Bioderma Ultra repair hand and nail cream in addition to a 100ml bottle of Hydrabio H2O.

Lipault Cosmetic Pouch. Lipault Cosmetic Pouch.

Both products are suitable for my skin, which is prone to dehydration. What is more, they are a convenient size, especially for hand luggage. I happily used Bioderma’s Hydrabio solution to cleanse my face while on the plane. The hand cream, which kept my hands moist throughout the day until the evening, was small enough to fit into an evening clutch.


Bioderma Ultra Repair Hand & Nail Cream Bioderma Ultra Repair Hand & Nail Cream

It is so important to prepare for fashion week sensibly. I do not want to forget to mention the energising water spray by Institut Estherderm Paris, which comes in a 100ml silver and gold bottle. The former is cellular-revitalising, which means it is a replica of the water found in the skin. In hindsight, the cellular revitalising spray was more soothing in comparison to City Product’s InCellium spray which was quite oily when I used it for the first time. As I am prone to dry skin, I think InCellium is probably more suitable for dry skin conditions, but excessive use could lead to the appearance of a sweaty face; perhaps not the best product for warmer climates, as I discovered during the summer. Eau Cellulaire, the fancy name for cellular revitalising, is more appropriate for normal to combination skin, in my opinion. Lastly, avoid using such sprays to set makeup. The revitalising spray caused my foundation to run a little. On that note, here are a few more top tips to bear in mind for fashion week:

1. Comfortable shoes are a must. My go-to shoe brand at the moment is Simmi London. Their high heels are just as comfortable as flat shoes thus I need not have worried about finding a big enough bag for another pair of shoes.

2. Sunglasses are a great way to disguise tired eyes. Fashion week can take its toll. A trendy pair of sunglasses and a red lip are all one needs to look fabulous. No one would know any different. My Diane Von Furstenberg sunglasses from Cocosa are my favourite accessory at the moment. They have the power to make drooping eyelids look cool.

Cocosa - DVF Sunglasses Cocosa – DVF Sunglasses

big four - Cocosa - DVF Sunglasses Cocosa – DVF Sunglasses

3. Invest in beauty products that are suitable for your skin type. The Bioderma products with the light blue cap cater to delicate skin. Thus far, I have not experienced any skin irritation. Bioderma products work for me, and they smell refreshingly good, too.

4. Classic staples are vital for a multi-functional wardrobe. As a result, one will appear to have a brand-new outfit for every occasion throughout fashion week. Here are some of my looks from Milan. Just for the record, also pay attention to small detail such as glowing skin and healthy nails which make a big difference and hence why Bioderma’s ultra repair cream never left my bag.

Milan Fashion Week - Day One

Milan Fashion Week – Day One

Milan Fashion Week - Day Two Milan Fashion Week – Day Two

Milan Fashion Week - Day Three - the big four Milan Fashion Week – Day Three

Milan Fashion Week - Day Four Milan Fashion Week – Day Four

Milan Fashion Week - Day Five Milan Fashion Week – Day Five

Milan Fashion Week- Day Six Milan Fashion Week- Day Six

Milan Fashion Week SS18 - Giuseppe Zanotti Milan Fashion Week SS18 – Giuseppe Zanotti

Written by @StyleIconNat  | Thank you @ChasePR | Thank you @Cocosa | Photography @AliceDickersonDigitial | Milan Photographer @Colorsnapphotography


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