Is Purple The New Black?

Is Purple The New Black?

Photography : Style Icon Nat

The beauty industry has expanded rapidly over the years. That said, are there enough makeup brands for darker skin? The latter sounds clichéd, but besides MAC, Bobbi Brown, Sleek, Iman Cosmetics and newly established Fenty Beauty, which other brands offer a diverse range of products for darker skin tones? I am an avid fan of MAC but, after a while, it’s only natural to want to experiment with a new brand of makeup. Thus, the more choices, the better, especially when a foundation is concerned.

Zahida Makeup For Darker Skin.

When I first heard about Zahida Dark Skin Makeup from Italy, I questioned the brand name as to whether or not it has a universal appeal. Their unique selling point is ‘makeup for darker skin,’ which targets a niche as opposed to the mass market. However, there is a huge demand for makeup that caters to women of colour, hence why Fenty Beauty launched 40 shades of foundation. I concluded that Zahida Dark Skin Makeup would resonate on a global scale with women who desire makeup that enhances their complexion in the same way specific hair products are suitable for either Afro or European hair. The message of the brand is transparent  “whether you are an Asian, Arabian or Nubian Queen, a sun-kissed, olive-skin beauty or something in between, find your match at Zahida make up for darker skin tones.”

I initially wore Zahida Dark Skin Makeup for the private preview of Azzedine Alaia: The Couturier on the 24th of May 2018. Maria Dessi, my makeup artist, and I created a makeup look based on my outfit of the night—a classic jacket dress in purple (aka the ‘Bardot’) by Nico Didonna. Is purple the new black? It’s an elegant colour; it has a presence but is not as versatile as black perhaps. Nonetheless, the ‘Bardot’ dress is made from 100% silk, with the inclusion of a quirky-print lining, classic and contemporary in style. It cinches in beautifully at the waist, while the asymmetrical hemline helps to elongate one’s silhouette.

Nico Didonna 'Bardot' Dress Nico Didonna ‘Bardot’ Dress

Nico Didonna 'Bardot' Dress Nico Didonna ‘Bardot’ Dress

How To Create A Statement Look For Darker Skin?

Our makeup concept was inspired by the late Prince’s Purple Rain.  Maria combined ‘Blue Cobalt’, which looks like purple once applied, and ‘Chrome Yellow’ eyeshadow shades from Zahida Dark Skin Makeup to create a statement look. Beforehand, Maria applied the Compact Foundation (code one) to my skin. The latter provided a natural coverage in addition to a matte finish. Surprisingly, my skin maintained a sun-kissed glow considering I often develop an oily T-zone, which depends on the makeup brand I use and how quickly it oxidises. Maria used the compact powder for contouring and the Chrome Yellow eyeshadow as a highlighter and blusher. You can view the full tutorial on Youtube.

Pre-Event Look

Zahida Dark Skin Makeup Zahida Dark Skin Makeup

Final Look

Zahida Dark Skin Makeup Zahida Dark Skin Makeup

What Is My Final Verdict?

Zahida Dark Skin Makeup is multi-functional. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, so only a small amount is required to make a visual statement. The quality of the makeup is exceptional. Lastly, Maria used two lipsticks on me. She applied ‘Rock N Nude‘ followed by a hint of ‘Mat Coral‘. The lipsticks are moist and long-lasting, as is the lip gloss. I have used other products from the range since. In natural light, Zahida Dark Skin Makeup looks flawless. It also feels less ‘cakey’, unlike other makeup products I have used. The ‘Bordeaux‘ and ‘Red Diamond‘ lipsticks have a glossy finish, as opposed to the nude shades, which are matte.

Overall, Zahida Dark Skin Makeup feels like second skin and compliments dark skin especially. The eyeshadows, lipsticks, and highlighter are universal, but I would recommend the foundation to women of colour. I often receive a compliment whenever I wear the eyeshadows. The last compliment I received wearing a full face of Zahida Dark Skin Makeup was “You are glowing”, hence my faith in the brand as one of high quality and “does what it says on the tin”.

Written by @StyleIonNat | #StyleIconNat on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, YouTube | Paid Partnership with Zahida Dark Skin Makeup  | Makeup Artistry by Maria Grazia | Dress by Nicodidonna | Shop My Look via 21 Buttons | S.I.N.Rating of Zahida Dark Skin Makeup, below.


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