The Powerful Alchemy – Why does Beauty begin With You?

The Powerful Alchemy – Why does Beauty begin With You?

Photography : LOLI Beauty

Sustainability and natural beauty go hand in hand. The more we look after the planet, the more it will look after us and preserve natural beauty. LOLI Beauty is a leading organic skincare brand with a mission to further define standards for natural beauty. Their products are made safe, reusable and designed to protect the environment – this is a win-win-win (Hooray!). As a conscientious skincare enthusiast, eco-friendly products – made from organic ingredients – make me feel good about myself and my contribution to improving the environment.

The Blue Mountains of Jamaica

What is unique about LOLI beauty products is their comestible quality, primarily influenced by responsibly sourced food-grade ingredients. Interestingly, the brand’s background story stems from a place of personal heritage, Jamaica, where powerful beauty remedies combined with superfood ingredients derived from Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. I was keen, therefore, to use LOLI’s Date Nut Brulee nourishing miracle balm, Plum Elixir rejuvenating beauty oil and Chamomile Lavender Tonic calming & cleansing micellar. The Date Nut Brulee balm came in a glass jar, which you can reuse for food storage (Genius!). Upon applying LOLI’s miracle balm, the tone of my complexion looked smoother and radiant almost instantly. It lives up to its title of a 3-in-1 miracle balm that cleanses, moisturisers and treats. As a tip of advice, I suggest applying a small amount of miracle balm after cleansing due to its high oil content.

Rejuvenating Beauty Oil

There is never a dull moment when using oil-based products which strongly rejuvenate dry skin. The Plum Elixir rejuvenating beauty oil is another alternative to moisturiser and keeps your skin hydrated for longer. After cleansing with the miracle balm, I massage a few drops of beauty oil into my skin and décolletage area, especially before bedtime, which helps to replenish the skin over a restful night’s sleep. The beauty oil and miracle balm are a good size for an overnight bag. What is more, I often apply balm when in a steam room to facilitate circulation and the removal of skin impurities (another helpful tip).

Certified Organic Ingredients

Sleeping with our makeup on is a huge no-no, but some of us are guilty of this, and, if not, perhaps you have not lived enough. A cleansing toner is the best quick-fix remedy for makeup removal, which seems almost impossible when tired. LOLI’s chamomile and lavender tonic is a makeup remover and toner in one, helping to remove a heavy build-up of makeup while soothing the skin with essential oils. It quickly removes makeup in seconds, making it effortless before a floppy nose dive into your pillow. Additionally, it is predominately oil-based, which dry skin relishes. I usually experience a feeling of dread at removing my makeup after a late night, which has miraculously subsided since using LOLI’s tonic.

I hope you enjoy the products like I have, containing 91%–99% certified organic ingredients. They also have positive reviews to which I pay careful attention before purchasing.

For transparency, I have incorporated a new commerce tool built by Fermat Commerce that allows you to buy the products directly from the brand via this blog post.

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