Why Is Ramadan So Special and Rewarding?

Why Is Ramadan So Special and Rewarding?

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The holy month of Ramadan 2021 has commenced. The exact date of Ramadan changes every year because the Islamic calendar depends on lunar cycles. Ramadan takes place approximately ten days earlier each year, and this year, it began on April 14 and ends on May 13.

Shops and restaurants with outdoor terraces opened on April 12; hence there are more options for eating out after sunset. Furthermore, two households of six people can meet outdoors, which will make Ramadan much easier to cope with mentally. The Qur’an emphasises the importance of fasting; thus, Muslims who are in good health are expected to fast from sunrise to sunset for Ramadan. The act of fasting enables the person to understand the suffering of those living in poverty and famine. Ultimately, Ramadan is a time for reflection and prayer to feel a deeper connection with Allah.

L’Occitane Advent Calendar

L’Occitane has your well-being at heart, especially for those who may require uplifting throughout Ramadan. Their advent calendar will keep you feeling excited during the countdown to Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan. Eid celebrations take place for two to three days, and it is when Muslims attend Eid prayer, have breakfast together and often give children gifts or money.

  • Ramadan calendar 3
  • Ramadan calendar 4

You are in for 30 days of delightful surprises: including soaps, creams and shower gels. The calendar features 30 doors. When opportunity knocks, grab it with both hands. L’Occitane’s advent calendar is too enticing to resist, and it showcases a luxurious navy blue box with Islamic images and text in a gold accent.

  • Ramadan calendar 5
  • Ramadan calendar
  • Ramadan advent calendar

Gratitude Is The Attitude

Additionally, the calendar is compact enough to fit into an overnight bag for a well-deserved weekend away somewhere. We are all in need of a spa weekend when lockdown ends. Let the countdown to freedom and a more profound sense of gratitude begin.

  • Ramadan Calendar
  • Ramadan calendar

L’Occitane offers additional well-being and skincare gift sets for Eid that make beautiful treats to celebrate such a special occasion. There are so many self-care benefits, such as improved well-being, a boost of inner confidence, and decreased anxiety. A good night’s sleep is another crucial factor of self-care and is vital throughout Ramadan. The beauty is in the struggle, but the end goal is to work on yourself for the greater good.

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