Why Scientifically-Researched Products Are A Good Investment.

Why Scientifically-Researched Products Are A Good Investment.

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Start the new year with a positive mantra; how about ‘self-care starts with skincare’? The latter could not be further from the truth. To feel comfortable in your skin is indicative of self-confidence. One thing we hold sway over is our well-being, and what better way to nurture it than with nutrient-rich skincare products?

Admittedly, the pandemic has seen many of us struggle with our mental health in terms of social anxiety. Living in a bubble does not seem right and keeps us far removed from the real world, but when forced into an unprecedented situation, you learn to cope and, ironically, find ways to reinvent yourself. I became more aware of self-care benefits, which I implemented through a regular skincare routine. As a result, I learned to manage that feeling of loss of control caused by COVID.

Environ Skincare Products

Before Christmas, I received a beautifully packaged healthy skin set by professional, scientific skincare brand Environ. As part of an unboxing ‘teaser’, I introduced the brand to my Instagram followers. Championed by the International Institute for Anti-Ageing, Environ Skincare prides itself on scientifically researched products, beauty and care. The brand’s unique STEP-UP SYSTEM™ helps the skin become “gradually more comfortable with increasing doses of vitamin A and other ingredients thereby reducing the likelihood of a skin reaction.”

The presentation of Environ is impeccable, as was my initial impression; hence I could not wait to dive straight into it. It is standard practice for me to use a product at least two weeks before reviewing it. I would recommend following the skincare routine:

Feel-Good Products

(1) Wash your face with lukewarm water, cleanse using Environ cleansing lotion, then gently massage your face and neck. This lotion is mildly scented – great for those with sensitive skin. I tend to avoid using highly perfumed products as they may irritate me.

  • Environ Cleansing Lotion

(2) Moisturising toner helps to refresh the skin, improving its overall appearance. Moisten a cotton wool pad with Environ botanical infused toner and apply to face and neck. My skin glowed after using Environ toner for the first time. My skin also continued to react well to the products at this stage.

  • Environ Toner


(3) Moisturise the skin to complete your skincare routine. Environ is the only brand I know that offers a STEP-UP SYSTEM™ consisting of five moisturisers. AVST Moisturiser 1, in the healthy skin set, is the first level in the Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ and contains vitamins A, C, and E; antioxidants; and botanical extracts. Once your skin is comfortable with the first level or AVST Moisturiser 1, step up to level 2 or AVST Moisturiser 2 and continue to the final step – AVST Moisturiser 5. Although Moisturiser 1 is light on consistency, use only a tiny amount. It is nutrient-rich, and such products moisturise the skin well. After a week of using Environ products, I saw a remarkable difference in my skin tone such that it looked brighter and more even.

  • Environ Moisturiser

(4) Eye Cream helps improve the appearance of hydration and the skin’s firmness around the eyes. What is more, Environ Youth EssentiA Eye Gel is soothing and contains essential vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides. I applied this eye gel followed by the vitamin A moisturiser.

  • Environ Eyecream

(5) Revival Masque is an excellent treat for your skin once or twice a week. Environ Focus Care Youth+ Revival Masque is a concoction of selected ingredients – Lactic acid, Asiatic acid and Mandelic acid – which together may assist in creating younger-looking skin. One top tip is to wear this masque whilst in the steam room. Your skin will dazzle and shine the next day.

  • Environ Masque

Bonus Products

Other skincare products by Environ include Avance DFP312 Moisturiser. I suggest applying the latter after cleansing and toning and before moisturising with Environ vitamin A moisturiser. Furthermore, Even More, Sun Care+ is a lightweight, creamy sunscreen protecting your skin against free radicals. The healthy skin set includes both of these products. Not only is this set a thoughtful gift (hint: Valentine’s Day is approaching), but it is also a step up to celebrating beatifically.

  • Environ Mini Set
  • Environ Sunscreen

Written @styleiconnat | Gifted Partnership.


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