The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to say a big thank you to all the awesome dads on the planet. Whether you are a father, grandfather, father-in-law or fatherly figure, you should feel proud every day for making a difference. Gift shopping for Father’s Day is not as daunting as it sounds. There is an abundance of gift ideas for men, from accessories to skincare and wellbeing products; hence I have carefully selected some beautiful items for my Father’s Day Gift Guide.

(1) Dermatology M

Dermatology products leave your skin feeling supple which I discovered after testing some of their products, previously. Their products are suitable for all skin types; particularly sensitive skin. Dermatology M Jin Yin Hua Honeysuckle Cleansing Wash cleanses, brightens and soothes the skin. Additionally, it is free from SLS, SLES and soap, using natural cleansers to gently yet effectively remove impurities without drying the skin. Its surfactants derive from Coconut and sustainable Palm Oils which cleanse and condition skin while Honeysuckle Extract soothes irritation, Palmarosa Essential Oil hydrates, organic Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange brighten the complexion for a soft, supple finish.

Dermatology M Zi Cao Shui Gao Nourishing Cream is suitable for the face and body, calms and conditions across a wide range of skin concerns. Furthermore, it eases dryness and discomfort to restore revitalised, supple skin. It also blends soothing Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Bisabolol with richly conditioning organic Evening Primrose and Safflower Oils.

  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Dermatology M
  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Dermatology M

(2) Father’s Day Smile Time

Make your father smile with SmileTime’s Teeth Whitening Kit. All products are vegan and wonderful for any dad who needs a bit of a confidence boost maybe or feels he needs to up his game after a long lockdown. SmileTime has created a less expensive and time-consuming method of teeth-whitening, accessible to everyone, to transform oral care into self-care. Formulated with an organic active whitening ingredient called PAP, which gently whitens and brightens your teeth without any pain or sensitivity, these bleach-free whitening products are the perfect, gentle approach to a sparkling smile.

  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Smile Time1
  • Father's Day Gift Guide. SmileTime 2
  • Father's Day Gift Guide. SmileTime 3
  • Father's Gift Guide. SmileTime 4

(3) Launer London

Why not treat your father to a stunning wallet. Launer is recognised globally for its iconic structured style handbags and ‘twisted rope’ hero signature emblem, still made in England.

HM – the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are all customers of Launer, which prides itself in the exquisite craftsmanship, rooted in British heritage, for over 70 years. Selling in the finest department stores of Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason and Fenwick in London, Launer’s quintessential British handwriting makes it hugely popular in the USA.

  • Father's Day Gift Guide Launer 1
  • Father's Day Gift Guide Launer 4 Credit Card
  • Ebony Black Tangerine Calf High 10 Credit Card Wallet - £270
  • Father's Day Gift Guide Launer Four credit card wallet

(4) Percy Nobleman

Designed to suit the daily needs of all men, Percy Nobleman offers an extensive array of premium grooming products and handmade grooming accessories that excel in style. The entire range is cruelty-free and designed, developed and perfected at the Percy Nobleman on-site lab facility in Norfolk, UK. Whether it is for your dad, grandfather, partner or another significant gentleman in your life, Percy Nobleman’s premium collection of gift sets have something for everyone. Additionally, you will receive 25% off selected items from 7th June and 20th June at Percy Nobleman using code FOR-DAD.

  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Percy Nobleman
  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Percy Nobleman
  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Percy Nobleman
  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Percy Nobleman
  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Percy Nobleman 1
  • Father'sDay Gift Guide. Percy Nobleman 2
  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Percy Nobleman 3
  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Percy Nobleman 4

(5) Lumity

Help to boost your father’s health and wellbeing with Lumity’s two-step healthy ageing supplements that consist of two different soft gels of the highest quality natural ingredients using Lumity’s clinically proven core formula. These work in tandem with the body’s circadian rhythm at a cellular level to support different needs throughout the day and night, helping you age beautifully.

  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Lumity
  • Father's Day Gift Guide 2

(6) Oh Pappa

Oh Mumma has teamed up with some of their favourite brands, many of them founded by dads, to create a limited edition Father’s Day box, Oh Pappa. The box contains Skin Sapiens Facial Cleansing Gel, Popmask London Starry Eyes Self Warming Eye Mask, Sock Shop Socks, Khiel’s Facial Fuel Pitt Bal, Deodorant and Nursem Hand Cream.

  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Oh Pappa
  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Oh Pappa

(7) Taskmaster Board Game

Get dad kitted out with Taskmaster Board Game £19.99 from Smyths. Based on the BAFTA-winning Channel 4 TV show hosted by Greg Davies and his assistant Little Alex Horne, Taskmaster the Board Game brings the very essence of this popular show to the whole family. With a series of ludicrous tasks find out who will be crowned Taskmaster Champion.

  • Father's Day Gift Guide. Task Master

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