Why Sustainable Fashion Is Timeless?

Why Sustainable Fashion Is Timeless?

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How would you define your style? Are you a lover of vintage? Perhaps, you have a more understated way of dressing or prefer to throw everything into the mix. With an innate appreciation for style as opposed to being a follower of fashion alone, you may instinctively find a way to recreate a seasonal trend so as to personalise it. For the most part, we adopt a particular style of dress to reflect our personality; hence, why such brands as S9 Muses have instant appeal.

Dare to be a little different rather than frequently wear the same designer. More often than not, when I attend industry events, someone will always ask me, “Where did you get your outfit from?” and then look rather perplexed if I say “The high-street”. Allow yourself to be innovative and spontaneous with your fashion choices. You will soon develop a knack for styling a particular item in more ways than one, without it looking as though it has been freshly handpicked from the high street or runway.

I recently attended a fundraising event in support of Women for Women UK and their current #SheInspiresMe campaign. There was not a particular dress code other than to wear something comfortable. I have been a fan of S9 Muses for a while, who are curators in fashion offering an eclectic mix of attire suitable for all occasions. I also appreciate the values which S9 Muses believe in. Brand integrity forms the basis of their ethos, which stemmed from a mutual interest in sustainable fashion between two friends originally from Thika, Kenya, and now settled in London. Each collection from S9 Muses offers a unique craftsmanship rooted in all forms of handwork and the use of vibrant colours and textures for which Indian fashion is significantly known. Furthermore, for those of us who appreciate non-conventional pieces, S9 Muses carefully source items that naturally suit fearless personalities who strive to empower through their style rather than to blend in. For this reason, it is highly unlikely you will ever have a “B*%$! Stole My Style” moment wearing a piece from S9 Muses as they are pretty exclusive. Then again, originals are often copied.



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I danced the night away at the #SheInspiresMe Dance event wearing a beautiful pair of earrings by MAIRA from S9 Muses. It was a relief not to end the night one earring down considering the energetic dance session. Nothing beats quality accessories to compliment an outfit. S9 Muses will be hosting a pop-up shop on Saturday, 18th February 2017 at Laura Ashley The Manor, Barnet Lane, Elstree, WD6 3RE. They are worth visiting if you fancy something tasteful, ethically made and timeless for your wardrobe.

Written by @Styleiconnat | The Lifestyle Collective – “A Unique Expression of A Creative Power” | Images My Own | Product from www.s9muses.com


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Award-winner of the 2020 UK Enterprise Awards for most innovative celebrity stylist & lifestyle writer, Natalie is London based. Additionally, she is known for her work as a content creator and launched her blog in 2017 - Style Icon Nat's The Lifestyle Collective. The latter consolidated her creative skills and supports lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands. Natalie's fashion journey began in Harrods and Browns - South Molton Street, where she worked as a fashion consultant. In 2004, Natalie continued her fashion career as a personal shopper in Selfridges and set up Style Icon Ltd (a personal shopping company) in 2005. This led to worldwide travel for private clients, red carpet styling, student mentoring, public speaking at LFW, Clothes Show Live and British Airways corporate events. The end goal is to inspire, motivate and educate people globally. Natalie has a BA (Honours) degree in social policy & politics, PGCE and creative writing certification from Central St Martins.


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