Autumn Revamp: 5 Top Tips On How To Refresh Your Style

Autumn Revamp: 5 Top Tips On How To Refresh Your Style

Photography : Jamie Walker

The crispy breeze of autumn is upon us. The rustling sound of falling leaves is a clear indication of self-renewal and a fresh start. Similarly, a seasonal wardrobe update can boost our confidence or help reinvent our style; thus, now is the time to rejuvenate or replenish existing staples. Nowadays, you can find affordable, high-quality clothing online, as well as on the high-street.

Furthermore, investing in essential items to complement other outfits saves money and creates a more sustainable wardrobe. Femme Luxe is an online fashion store that offers contemporary clothing for women. I chose a few items from the website based on five properties I look for when wardrobe shopping.

Autumn Wardrobe

Style – know your autumn style, whether it is classic, urban or a combination of both. Femme Luxe offers an eclectic range of styles. I am classic-contemporary; hence, I chose a blazer dress. The latter has sold out thus you can shop a similar style.

Colour – keep the winter blues at bay by injecting more colour into your wardrobe. That said, a full neon-coloured outfit is unnecessary; however, you might want to wear something vibrant in the autumn evenings to make a statement. Femme Luxe stocks a range of styles in bold colours, such as a neon v-neckline bodysuit that I paired with black tie-front trousers. Both look sexy chic as a contemporary outfit combination.

Autumn Luxe Look
Autumn Luxe Look

Golden Rules

Quality of fabric—often determines the finish of an outfit. The outfits I chose from Femme Luxe are synthetic. Although inexpensive, all items feel good on my skin and fit well. With the rise of vegan-friendly production and sustainability, fashion brands are more aware of animal cruelty and hence adhere to more stringent ethical practices.

Affordability—not everyone can afford designer clothing. The high-street, as well as online retailers, offer affordable clothing that looks just as stylish and expensive as designer brands. Additionally, how you wear an outfit is just as important. With a positive mental attitude and inner confidence, anyone can make a dress that costs £20 look like it’s worth £2 000.

Cut/finish of a garment—this makes or breaks an outfit. Always look at the small details, such as stitching, hemline, sleeve or trouser length. If these details look incomplete, your entire outfit will look disproportionate or untidy. A clean finish or cut will help streamline your body shape.

You will always get good value for money if you adhere to the above golden tips. Achieve your best autumn look yet with some of the items I purchased from Femme Luxe—a fearless fashion brand that encourages you to make a personal statement.

Written by Style Icon Nat | Photography by Jamie Walker| Femme Luxe Refinery – #ad #paidpartnership #gifted


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