Back To Black – How To Make A Statement?

Back To Black – How To Make A Statement?

Photography : Jamie Walker

I have gone back to wearing black. Why? Because it is an elegant colour. I appreciate bright outfits, of which I have plenty, but black attire streamlines my silhouette and looks chic. I have recently chosen four items of clothing from Femme Luxe, all of which are black. You cannot go wrong with black wardrobe staples; they save the day when in a style rut and can look expensive.
Furthermore, black is the perfect canvas from which vibrant colours can pop. Who loves a little black dress with red shoes? I certainly do. If that is “not your steelo”(pun intended), a bag in a statement colour could work.

To avoid a monotonous wardrobe, shop for a black item with quirky buttons or lining, pay attention to detail, and wear frills, polka dots or stripes. Subtle details are alluring, especially against a dark background. Invest in a black dress with an embellished collar, perhaps. Self-confidence and personal preference do play a key role in our shopping habits. I would not expect someone with an understated style to wear an extravagant dress.

The Eighties Are Back

Femme Luxe has a wide selection of dresses and tops for every occasion, combining different fabrics. For example, I came across a black-leopard-print, organza-mesh-sleeved corset top in leather. I paired the latter with black faux leather, high-waist, belted trousers. Nostalgic 80s fashion trends are making a comeback this season in the guise of billowing sleeves, ruffles and shoulder pads.

back to black leopard print top
Back To Black PU Leopard Print Organza Mesh Sleeve Corset Crop Top
back to black leopard print top
Black PU Leopard Print Organza Mesh Sleeve Corset Crop Top

The idea of “holding your own” is why I love the 1980s. The zeitgeist of the latter was that of female empowerment combined with power dressing, which influenced fashion, film and music during much of the 80s. For example, Dynasty and the movie Working Girl portrayed women dressed in a power suit as an indication of the authoritative stance they took against gender inequalities within society.

You too can look like a ‘boss-lady.’ Made from cotton and polyester, Femme Luxe has a black mesh-sleeved shirt dress. I was smitten. Their shirt dresses are effortlessly stylish. Furthermore, the billowing sleeves make a statement without accessories. With the festive season in mind, I chose a similar dress – a black organza mesh-cuffed-sleeve mini dress. The latter is more fitted than the shirt dress – thus, a bloating meal is an absolute no-no. Overall, the puff sleeves on the dress and crop top create fluidity.

back to black shirt dress
Black Mesh Sleeve Shirt Dress
back to black shirt dress
Shirt Dress
back to black mesh sleeve mini dress
Organza Mesh Cuffed Sleeve Mini Dress

Fit & Flare

Organza tops are also on-trend. Femme Luxe stocked a black layered mesh ruffle strappy top. Their latest items look dainty, especially those made from organza. The strappy ruffle top resembles an empire-line style but flares out from the bust, leaving ample room to relax your stomach. Although the top is pretty feminine, I am not overly keen on baby-doll or empire-line styles of clothing as they can hide your body shape.

back to black ruffle strappy top
Layered Mesh Ruffle Strappy Top
back to black ruffle top
Mesh Ruffle Strappy Top

Combine fit and flare to achieve a well-proportioned silhouette. I paired the strappy top with a pair of pink trousers. I must confess that I have not gone back to black entirely in fear of an unadventurous-looking wardrobe. On that note, a pop of colour in your closet, like red, is a must. Black and red make a striking colour combination. Consider pink as a substitute for red if you find the latter too heavy.

Refresh Your Style

I went through a period of wearing black most of the time until I decluttered my wardrobe. The result was worth it. I felt better. The entire process of a wardrobe refresh is cathartic, such that it can improve your mental health and wellbeing. For these reasons, re-invent your style when you see fit. I often advise private clients to declutter their wardrobe every three to six months, or before a significant shop, to avoid wasting money on unnecessary items. The long-term goal is to achieve a sustainable wardrobe and save money for necessary wardrobe shopping.

Back To Black

Black Friday is on the 29th November, and it is the perfect time to take advantage of special offers, especially in the lead-up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Femme Luxe is offering free delivery on orders over £20, which is the perfect opportunity to buy your party outfits and any extras. As there are generous sale offers, both online and in-store, there is no reason why you should not shop for festive outfits now – strike while the iron is hot. Go the whole hog and join the Black Friday community. Why settle for one little black dress when you can have three for the same price?

Written by Style Icon Nat | Photography by Jamie Walker| Femme Luxe Refinery – #ad #gifted #paidpartnership


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