What To Wear On Christmas Day?

What To Wear On Christmas Day?

Photography : Jamie Walker

There are only five days until Christmas Day. I have not quite finished my Christmas shopping in terms of gifts, food and beverages – a classic case of last-minute.com syndrome. Do you have much left to buy in preparation for Christmas Day? For those of you who (like me) leave essential things until the last minute—more often than not—retailers are offering up to 50% discounts on sale merchandise in the lead up to Christmas. In case you are wondering what to wear on Christmas day, here are five factors to consider:

5 Factors To Consider

  1. Comfortability— wear something in which you can relax. Everyone should make an effort on Christmas day. Onesies are a thing of the past. Wear something more stylish and practical, especially if you have a big family to feed.
  2. Fabric composition— cotton, polyester and viscose are durable, non-itchy and warm. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes on Christmas day. Subsequently, you could over-indulge on food and beverages while sinking into the sofa quite comfortably.
  3. Colour preference– wear a bright-coloured outfit or dress up as Santa or his helper (if you wish). Keep Christmas bright and light. If black is your go-to colour, I suggest a stylish little black dress or a jumpsuit, provided there is at least 5% of elastane as part of the fabric composition. Without the ease of movement, you’ll feel somewhat miserable. Thus, wear clothes for contentment, especially on Christmas day.
  4. Individuality – forms the basis of the “what to wear” decision-making process. The colloquial saying, “Do you, boo,” is about pleasing oneself; thus, if you decide to have a pyjama party on Christmas day, so be it. At the least, choose stylish pyjamas or a sexy playsuit.
  5. Choice of a brand – most of us has a favourite brand, store or online shop, whether designer or affordable luxury. It is worth taking advantage of the current sales, whatever your preference.

Wear Stylish & Affordable Fashion

One of my favourite online boutiques is Femme Luxe. They offer stylish and affordable fashion that meets the demands of my lifestyle. I am a social butterfly, which involves adhering to a particular social criterion (or so it may seem) to never appear in the same outfit twice. If your budget permits designer-wear prices, you could combine high-street and high-end styles.

I chose four looks from Femme Luxe recently, all of which are suitable for Christmas day. I discovered a rust-ribbed, Bardot-belted, wide-leg jumpsuit made from polyester and elastane on Femme Luxe. Additionally, Bardot-style clothing is chic, elegant and sexy. Rust, copper or metallic colours suit all complexions. Also, such colours are a popular alternative to black or red. The jumpsuit is exceptionally comfortable due to the fabric composition and wide-leg style. You could wear this on Christmas day, which I have considered.

  • What-to-wear-on-Christmas-day
  • what to wear on Christmas day?

Jump Around

Jumpsuits are comfortable to wear and allow you to overindulge if you choose. Femme Luxe has a stunning black mesh panel wide-leg jumpsuit in stock made from elastane and polyester. It feels soft and luxurious against the skin. An all-black outfit is easy to accessorise; thus, a statement bag would create a striking contrast. Such a look may be too formal for Christmas day, but maybe not for New Year’s Eve.

  • what to wear on Christmas day
  • What-to-wear-on-Christmas-day

Further to my last blog, eighties fashion has made a comeback. The current season continues to showcase puff sleeves like the red lurex, sparkly, organza-puff-sleeve bodysuit I found on Femme Luxe. The sparkly detail complements the nostalgic mood of the festive season. Made from lurex, polyester, and elastane, the bodysuit is incredibly stretchy and suitable attire for Christmas day. What is more, I do not think you could have enough bodysuits. They are such a versatile staple. I have several in different colours which I have combined with a pencil-skirt, a suit jacket, or jeans.

  • What To Wear On Christmas Day?
  • What to wear on Christmas day?
  • What To Wear On Christmas Day?

Neon colours are a little daring and perhaps not everybody’s “come of tea” but a fun choice for an evening occasion. If you appreciate neon classics, you may like the neon green, floral, and lace fishnet bodysuit I came across on Femme Luxe, which is low-cut and quite revealing. This bodysuit would complement a black, tailored jacket and dark denim jeans. Alternatively, you could pair it with black wide-leg trousers, which would suit a Christmas evening engagement. A pop of neon is sufficient, as it’s quite an intense colour.

  • What To Wear On Christmas Day?
  • What To Wear On Christmas Day?
  • What To Wear On Christmas Day?

Glamour Begins At Home

In conclusion, Christmas should be a time of rejoicing and reflection with your loved ones. Go the extra mile on Christmas, and show up in style for the family dinner. Such will be the case if you decide to dine in a restaurant over the holiday. What is good enough for anyone else should be even better for yourself and your family; thus, glamour begins at home.

Written by Style Icon Nat | Photography by Jamie Walker| Location – Sunborn Yacht Hotel | Femme Luxe Refinery – Paid partnership.


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