The Best Skincare Face Mask. What Should You Buy?

The Best Skincare Face Mask. What Should You Buy?

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A glowing complexion speaks volumes about your diet and choice of products. Not everyone prioritises skincare, but regular face mask treatments are essential to achieving healthy-looking skin. When my skin glows, so does my mood. Furthermore, it helps to know your skin type, making shopping a much easier process amid an oversaturated market. The method of trial and error when establishing your signature skincare product is inevitable but worth it in the end when you find the winning outcome.

If you have dry, sensitive skin, look for products rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to keep your skin hydrated. An effective skincare routine, including regular use of face masks, helps repair the skin against pollution particles. Here are five face masks that I highly recommend:

Top 5 Facial Masks

(1) L’Occitane Invigorating Face & Eye Mask is one of my favourite products. Their melon-scented face mask smells divine. The fragrance alone is uplifting. Upon application, leave on the skin for 10–15 minutes to revive a dull complexion. Formulated with melon from Provence and vitamin C, L’Occitane’s invigorating face and eye mask have super-antioxidant properties.

L'Occitane face nask
Invigorating Face & Eye Mask. RRP – £29.00

Clay Facial Mask

(2) Ecooking’s Clay Mask helps to detoxify the skin. It is vegan-friendly and rich in organic ingredients, helping to minimise blemishes and uneven skin. I use this product 1–2 times per week along with Ecooking’s other skincare products. I suggest applying a small amount to the skin as you may experience a tingling sensation upon application.

Ecooking Skincare Gift
Ecooking Clay Mask. RRP – £30.00

(3) The 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud mask is hard-drying. Mineral-rich, it is perfect for deep pore cleansing by clearing out deeply dirty pores. Cleanse your skin well in preparation for the ingredients. Apply the entire sachet in a thick layer onto the skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Clay masks are particularly suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. I particularly adore the soothing scent made from dead sea minerals.

Facial Mask 7th Heaven
7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Mask. RRP – £1.42

Miracle Facial Mask

(4) Vitamin Injections Miracle Mask contains vitamin C and promotes a brighter complexion. I regularly use this product and am still happy with the results. I recommend keeping their clay mask on for 20 minutes, after which your skin will look and feel refreshed. Remove with their konjac sponge for smoother-looking skin.

Vitamin Injection Mask
Vitamin Infused Miracle Mask. RRP – £40.00

(5) Nourish London’s repair mask is suitable for intensive overnight repair, which I use after applying Kale 3D facial wash. I use mainly the facial wash and repair mask from their skincare range as some of the other products are pretty light in texture. I find that thicker moisturisers keep dry skin hydrated longer.

Nourish London
Nourish London Repair Mask. RRP -£23.50

The best advice I can offer is to pay attention to how your skin reacts to products. A well-established brand name may influence consumer behaviour, but long-lasting results ultimately reflect the quality of a brand. I have recommended products that deliver effective results, ranging from £1.42–£40.00, thus supporting all budgets and skin types – sensitive skin, especially, which requires more attention. Treat your skin to a mid-week cocktail of nutrient-rich goodness. Why wait until Friday?

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