How To Restore Your Equilibrium?

How To Restore Your Equilibrium?

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Life has a way of throwing a curveball at us in more ways than one. As such, we may feel anxious, deflated or confused. Nobody likes to feel emotionally or mentally unbalanced. However, the irony of such adversity is that it enables us to develop coping mechanisms until we regain a sense of equilibrium.

Equilibrium Essential Oil
Skin Alchemists’ Equilibrium Aromatherapy Pulse Oil. RRP – £32.00

Self-pampering is my idea of a healthy respite from a stressful day. A typical tender-loving-care session involves a candlelit bubble bath to sink into accompanied by an aroma of essential oils. The latest addition to my plethora of wellbeing products is Skin Alchemists’ Equilibrium Aromatherapy Pulse Oil. Presented in a recyclable glass 0.9ml bottle and rollerball, Equilibrium is potent for such a timid hand-sized product.

West Indian Bay Essential Oil

Upon application, I caught a whiff of West Indian Bay rum, which nostalgically triggered childhood memories and trips to Dominica. Made from West Indian Bay, Equilibrium is therapeutically calming. Apply the oil to your pulse points, inhale and exhale to achieve a sense of equilibrium. You may feel light-headed initially due to a blend of plant oils that harmonise your feelings. The formulation of bay rum includes bay leaves and other natural ingredients that offer skincare and wellbeing benefits. Such advantages include improved sleep and the alleviation of stress.

Equilibrium Essential Oil
Equilibrium Aromatherapy Pulse Oil.

Equilibrium is a practical bottle of wellbeing goodness. For those who prefer to carry a small bag or purse, Equilibrium is the perfect product for such accessories. What is more, it can reduce anxiety when on the go. Skin Alchemists may have found the ideal solution to cope with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sustainability remains at the core of Skin Alchemists’ creations, which is why I appreciate their product range. Although some of us may revert to stress balls, healing bracelets or the occasional cheeky glass of wine to help combat stress, organic products naturally offer the ultimate feel-good factor. Skin Alchemists provide high-quality products that make you feel equally remarkable. Equilibrium is a natural ingredient-rich product formulated from ethically sourced plant oils and retails at £32.00 for 0.9ml – a smart choice for long-lasting retail therapy.

“EQUILIBRIUM is the perfect wellbeing companion to help us cope more easily with stress, anxiety and grief…” ~ Theresa Edwards – Founder of Skin Alchemists.

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