Lockdown Skin-care Ritual. How To Shine Bright?

Lockdown Skin-care Ritual. How To Shine Bright?

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Have you developed a lockdown skincare ritual? The pandemic has thrown us into an isolated world where self-care and self-preservation have become crucial emotional and mental stability elements. I realise even more now, that time is our most precious commodity. Despite the negative implications of lockdown—boredom, monotony, laziness—one of its key benefits is plentiful time to develop an existing passion or embrace a new craft. In that way, the lockdown has given me more focus, patience and direction.

Youtube & Radox

For me, a typical lockdown evening includes a Radox bubble bath, aromatherapy oils, candles, and watching YouTube behind a rejuvenating beauty mask. Have I developed a skincare ritual during the lockdown? Yes, I have. Do I feel better about myself? Most definitely. My bathroom has become my go-to spa retreat, although nothing beats the experience of a spa resort.

Wellbeing Ritual

At the moment, our homes are centre stage for home-schooling, work, play, and relationship management, all of which can take their toll; hence, personal escapism is necessary for self-confidence and balance. If you live alone, structure your day to accommodate work as well as something you enjoy. I am usually awake by 6 am during the week, when I read and exercise. There is something about the stillness of the morning that I find empowering. The tranquillity focuses my mind for the rest of the day. Once I have switched off from work, I embrace the evening with open arms.

My skincare ritual takes place twice a week and includes the following:

(1) A hot bath into which I add Original Bath Soak by Radox. It somewhat nostalgically reminds me of my childhood.

(2) Westlab’s Reviving Epsom Salt helps relax aching muscles, so I add two handfuls to my bath.

Luxury Skincare

(3) Aromatherapy Associates London Essential Oils smell wonderful. I use a different oil depending on my mood and how my body feels. After an evening workout, for example, I apply Deep Relax to my shoulders before bathing. Inner Strength and Support Equilibrium essential oils help to relax my mind. Such products are a luxury skincare treat; hence, use them twice a week to fully appreciate their benefits.

(4) Skin Alchemists’ Serenade Skin Treatment candle has soothing properties. It consists of a therapeutic blend of botanicals in a base of cocoa and shea butter. What is unique about the Serenade candle is that you can use it as an intense skin treatment once it melts to a liquid. When it does, I blow out the candle as recommended, wait for two minutes, and then rub a small amount of the liquid into my shoulders.

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Skincare Ritual

Love, Peace & Joy Ritual

(5) Temple Spa’s Dream Stones aromatic soap bars ooze lavender, patchouli and geranium. They come in a set of three and represent love, joy and peace. I rarely use soap on my skin as I find it dehydrating. However, Temple Spa’s soap bars leave my skin feeling soft and smelling fresh. Organic products, botanicals or essential oils work wonders on my skin. They are also a good investment in one’s emotional wellbeing.

(6) I am currently using Ecooking and Espa skincare products with which I cleanse and moisturise my face. Additionally, I apply Espa’s Replenishing Treatment Oil after cleansing. It keeps my skin hydrated and bright. Face mask sheets are great for deep cleansing. I often use Ecooking’s clay mask once a week, one of my favourite vegan skincare products.

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(7) I finish off with Temple Spa’s Rejuvenating Body Radiance cream and Illuminating Body Polish. Both contain rose quartz, champagne and black truffles, which smell sensational. Additionally, the body polish adds a shimmering gold tint to my skin. Does it make me feel like a goddess? Hell yes.

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(8) Holistic Silk’s sleep set completes my night-time skincare routine. Their rejuvenating sleep set includes a 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase and eye mask. They feel sensational and have massively improved my beauty sleep.

The End Result

We must look after ourselves during this time. However, family commitments, home-schooling and working from home can get in the way of personal time. Furthermore, the idea of a set routine is likely to change depending on your circumstances. Whenever you get a spare moment, be spontaneous, and if that includes disappearing into your bathroom to perform your very own wellbeing ritual – so be it.

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