Will The Nightmare End? Stay Safe In Your Lane

Will The Nightmare End? Stay Safe In Your Lane

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Stay in your lane or go home. Does it feel like you are living in a groundhog day of monotony? The national lockdown reality is that we must remain alone or within a tiny support bubble to save lives. The latter is painfully real, and to give up hope means you have succumbed to the surrounding negativity that is consuming our resilience.

I commend those who make positive changes in their personal lives and within their community to overcome the pandemic. The latter is depleting the economy. Consequently, many businesses are feeling the full brunt of the virus; hence, please use your platform, if you have one, especially in support of small businesses. Based in the UK, Shiko is a start-up company. It takes guts and a relentless drive to create a business, especially during such challenging times.

“There is never a right time to do a great thing. You have to create that time. You have to create that opportunity.” ~ Eric Thomas.

Shiko Deluxe Kit

Shiko’s Deluxe kit is beautifully packaged in bright pink (one of my favourite colours) and contains all the essentials you require for personal safety and protection. The kit includes a reusable mask that fits neatly into a noticeable pink case. I often find my face coverings scrunched up in my coat pocket; thus, a protective case should prevent the latter. The concept of an all-in-one personal care kit caters to our current needs. While the future remains uncertain, what is certain is that good health leads to happiness. “Shiko could have been launched months ago,” says Kay Carrol, founder of Shiko. The time is now, so it seems. The price of the kit is £39.99 (worth £63.99/$84). Other items include:

Pink disposable masks x 7 Pink disposable nitrile gloves (3 pairs)

100ml sanitiser gel x 1

Antibacterial wipes 1 x 20

Mask case x 1

Infrared thermometer x 1

Reusable face mask x 1

Kit bag x 1

1 x FREE face shield *subject to availability*

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Shiko’s infrared thermometer makes it safer to check temperatures approximately 1–5cm away from a person without touching them. A high temperature of 37.8C or greater is a common symptom of coronavirus. Remember, health is wealth. Please use my promo code #styleiconnat10 for 10% off your purchase. ‘Slay’ safe.

Whether or not you are vaccinated, the government guidelines state that we must wear a mask and continue with safe practices. The latter is where Shiko will continue to provide protection for the future.

Written by @styleiconnat | Shiko Deluxe Kit – Gifted.


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