Have you developed a lockdown skincare ritual? The pandemic has thrown us into an isolated world where self-care and self-preservation have become crucial emotional and mental stability elements. I realise even more now, that time is our most precious commodity. Despite the negative implications of lockdown—boredom, monotony, laziness—one of its key benefits is plentiful time
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Stay in your lane or go home. Does it feel like you are living in a groundhog day of monotony? The national lockdown reality is that we must remain alone or within a tiny support bubble to save lives. The latter is painfully real, and to give up hope means you have succumbed to the
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The lockdown battleship continues against high and low tides, which are impacting us in different ways. Unquestionably, we can find common ground on how we have coped with the situation and, by now, we should be well-equipped with our social distancing essentials. Which ones will stay post-corona? Your guess is as good as mine. Some
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