What Are The Top 5 Social Distancing Essentials?

What Are The Top 5 Social Distancing Essentials?

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The lockdown battleship continues against high and low tides, which are impacting us in different ways. Unquestionably, we can find common ground on how we have coped with the situation and, by now, we should be well-equipped with our social distancing essentials. Which ones will stay post-corona? Your guess is as good as mine. Some of us may feel demotivated at times, in which case, make a list of five things you enjoy and act upon them. Similarly, reflect upon which of your essentials make you feel the happiest.

Personal Hygiene

Handwashing is paramount. In the past, I was somewhat ignorant about the benefits of regular handwashing. The reality of today is that we reduce the risk of catching the coronavirus by washing our hands for 20 seconds at regular intervals. I remember the initial frenzy for anti-bacterial products, which sold out instantly when the C-word began to rear its ugly head. Desperate measures call for urgent action; thus, back to essential soap and water, it was for me until I finally obtained sanitiser.

Medichem, a British manufacturer of hair and beauty products, answered my prayers by gifting me anti-bacterial hand gel, hand wash, hand cream and alcohol spray. I use all products regularly to reduce the spread of bacteria and the virus; most importantly, the alcohol spray has a dual-functionality. You can use it on hands and hard surfaces.

Additionally, I use the alcohol spray on clothing, the soles of my running trainers, surgical masks, and to clean my refrigerator. The hand wash will become particularly useful for when I eventually have guests around. Excessive handwashing can contribute to dry skin; hence Medichem’s hand cream helps keep my skin moist. Such products are on the top of my list of social distancing essentials and are here to stay.


Since the lockdown, I have read every day. Not only is reading cathartic, but it improves mental stimulation, concentration and reduces stress. Before I engage in any social media, I make learning a priority. The digital era has shifted our mindset, quite considerably, from traditional learning via books to more online engagement. Lockdown has reignited my enjoyment of reading. The narrative of a good book stimulates my imagination and offers a form of escapism from real-life drama. You can find a list of my favourite books in my Amazon store. My reading list is expanding above and beyond lockdown.

social distancing essentials
Social Distancing Essentials

Social Distancing Fitness

When the government announced unlimited daily exercise, I felt a sense of complete relief. I wanted to shout, ‘Free at last!’, although that is not entirely true. We are still swimming in uncharted waters, but there is an option to run or walk, providing you stay safe. I would feel lost without exercise.

I exercise more frequently, including jogging daily, walking and doing online HIIT classes, which are invigorating. My favourites are pilates as well as lunchtime and evening HIIT sessions, which have boosted my endorphins during the lockdown. Ironically, I have felt happier during the lockdown, not because it feels like a sabbatical, but due to essential daily activity. The secret to happiness is the state of your well-being, to which exercise is a contributing factor.

Social Distancing Meditation

Not everyone has the patience to meditate. Perhaps I am one of the few who can do so for 30 minutes. Meditation fuels my day with positive energy and thoughts from which my creativity flows. I often feel empty or mediocre when I start my day without meditating. The benefits of meditation include increased self-awareness and reduced anxiety. Additionally, it improves mental clarity and emotional health. Meditation has helped me to adapt to the Covid-19 climate and take responsibility for my life.

Content Creation

Essentially, my work as a digital creator is my livelihood, and without it, I would be bored senseless. There has not been a dull moment during lockdown due to the nature of my work. Content creation is exceptionally demanding, such that you become oblivious during the creative process. The result is so soul-satisfying that I will preach, “Do what you love. Love what you do!”

Social distancing has brought me closer to my inner being and what truly makes her happy. The current time is precious, so use it wisely. “Yesterday is relative. Tomorrow is speculative, but today is electric. That’s why it’s called current.” ~ Albert Einstein.

Perhaps social distancing is the “new normal,” but that does not mean you should disregard old habits. Reform certain behaviours to facilitate your lifestyle needs. The main essentials will continue to enrich your journey.

Written by Style Icon Nat | Medichem Products – Gifted


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