How to Refresh your Look With Makeup?

How to Refresh your Look With Makeup?

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As lockdown continues, I find myself taking each day as it comes with a glimmer of hope. A resilient mind comes with wisdom and great courage. However, the uncertainty of the future and doubt can test our willpower, such as in the current situation. It is fair to say that the social distancing rules have hindered our freedom to mingle with family and friends. We are all in the same melting pot of mixed emotions and thoughts, unsure when a complete let-up of social distancing will happen. Perhaps it will not be soon in the grand scheme of things. We must remain optimistic. Additionally, we should refresh our daily routine for the betterment of our mental health and happiness.

One way of nurturing our wellbeing is to dedicate time to hobbies or things for which we have a passion. Do you enjoy experimenting with makeup? I appreciate how cosmetics make me feel. Thus, I reacquainted myself with Zahida Makeup to reinvigorate my look.

how to refresh your makeup look
Zahida Makeup
how to refresh your makeup look
Zahida Makeup Eyeshadow

The Journey

Based in Italy, an entrepreneur and mother of three, Zahida Ali noticed a considerable gap in the market for makeup brands that cater to a diverse range of skin tones. ‘I have travelled to many countries, having purchased significant quantities of makeup products during my travels. However, I have never found the perfect product for my skin,’ says Zahida. It was during her travels when Zahida experienced an epiphany that inclusivity was the missing ingredient within the beauty industry. This realisation prompted Zahida to create a makeup brand for women of colour. In 2017, Zahida launched her namesake brand: Zahida Dark Skin Makeup.

how to refresh your makeup look
Zahida Makeup
how to refresh your makeup look
How To Refresh Your Look with Makeup?

Flawless Skin

Zahida Makeup offers a range of foundations for women who have a dark complexion, particularly. There is a choice between wet-dry, liquid and compact foundation. The liquid foundation provides natural coverage and looks flawless on my skin. It has taken me a while to find the perfect foundation even though I wore MAC Cosmetics for several years. I then transitioned into a Fenty Beauty fan, but my go-to brand for foundation and eye shadow is Zahida Makeup. Her products are of such high quality that your skin feels smooth and well-nourished.

how to refresh your makeup look
Zahida Makeup Foundation

The lipsticks have both a luscious matte and glossy finish, and the eye shadows are highly pigmented. That said, you could experiment with just the eye shadows and avoid makeup overload. For a harmonious makeup look, I would recommend combining a statement eye shadow with Mat Nude, Soft Coral Mat or Mat Burgundy from Zahida Makeup’s lipstick range.

how to refresh your makeup look
Refresh Your Look With Zahida Makeup

Refresh Your Look With Colour

For those with a dark complexion like mine, I would recommend the liquid foundation in number three. It provides natural coverage. If you have a lighter skin tone, I would suggest the liquid foundation in one or two. The Zahida Makeup eyeshadows make such a strong statement in themselves and appear to be her signature products amongst women of all complexions. Some of my favourites are Red Passion, Shadow Bronze and Gorgeous Gold, all of which blend well and make my eyes pop.

Zahida Makeup Review with Makeup Artist Maria Dessi

Diversity & Inclusivity

Zahida Makeup set out to promote diversity; hence it sits proudly amongst similar brands that have revolutionised the beauty industry. Zahida Makeup is growing in popularity, indicating that women of all communities worldwide appreciate the brand. The brand name has changed from Zahida Dark Skin Makeup to Zahida Makeup to highlight its core message of inclusivity. To that end ‘whether you are a Caucasian, Arabian, Asian or Nubian Queen, sun-kissed, olive-skin or something in between you will find your match at Zahida Makeup,’ says Zahida.

how to refresh your makeup look
How to Refresh Your Look With Makeup?

It takes a considerable amount of time, energy and passion to create a product when there is a growing demand. Zahida Makeup is an affordable luxury. We all need a new lease of life, especially during the lockdown, so why not experiment with fun makeup to refresh your look. It is quite cathartic and has reminded me that cosmetics still exist even though I have nowhere glamorous to go at the moment. However, things should change for the better, progressively.

Zahida Makeup is bright, cheerful and energy-boosting. It is, in conclusion, for women of discerning taste.

Written by Style Icon Nat | Zahida Makeup – Gifted


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