How To Improve Your Wellbeing Through Self-Isolation?

How To Improve Your Wellbeing Through Self-Isolation?

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Unprecedented global destruction is a sign of the times. Before the turn of the decade, who would have thought that 2020 would become paralysed by a deadly virus? The world is in pieces, with the global economy and millions of lives shattered – just like that. Our ‘normal’ way of living is at a standstill. The world will never be the same again, so it seems, as we face a new reality of social distancing and self-isolation to survive in the face of COVID-19.

What Is Normality?

You may ask yourself, what is the norm? Is it theatre or cinema trips with friends? Dinner dates? A summer picnic? A fun-loving Sunday with the family? Such good times were (past tense) normal social activities for which I am grateful to look back on while in solitude. On the contrary, masked smiles and standing in public at a two-metre radius from one another is the current norm of everyday life. Amidst a deadly pandemic, our lives have been transformed into a digital existence as we hang out through apps. The global crisis has, by force, propelled us all into the matrix of the future – remote living. Despite creed, race, gender, religion, status or age, we are suddenly ONE in a global lesson of reconciliation.

How To Cope With Self-Isolation?

How to cope with self-isolation? The latter depends on the nature of your domestic life. What I find concerning is the thought of those living in a toxic environment or cramped living conditions that could put a strain on working from home or negatively impact family dynamics. How can those in such circumstances cope with self-isolation? What if you live alone, physically or mentally impaired? Ultimately, everyone may feel helpless or scared at some point.

The existing state of the world is impacting our mental health; thus, it is vital to make time for yourself, nurture your wellbeing. Designate a time slot for self-pampering. Adhere to the latter even if childcare, marriage, chat apps or work commitments demand your attention. Would you cancel a meeting with your boss? No! Now, you are the boss. Take ownership of the situation. Use the latter to improve your life and those around you. That said, staying at home is helping to save lives. Also, use the time as a springboard for personal growth. Rise like a phoenix amongst the chaos. Here are five tips on how to improve your wellbeing through self-isolation:

5 Key Self-Isolation Tips:

  • Exercise at least once a day to improve your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. High-intensity workouts are a great way to let off steam. I find that a daily run and skipping are highly beneficial for maintaining a decent level of fitness. Furthermore, join online exercise classes such as HIIT. Regular exercise should facilitate a healthy work-life balance.
  • Healthy eating will boost your immune system, thus consume plenty of water, fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, increase your daily dosage of Vitamin C. The recommended daily dosage of Vitamin C is 1000mg.
  • Pamper yourself with Superdrug’s creamy foam hydrating cleanser and energising facial spritz to nourish your skin. I highly suggest using the facial spritz first thing in the morning and once throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated. Additionally, wear a lovely perfume to smell and feel luxurious, like Superdrug’s Eau De Parfum in Patchouli Passion. To further boost your mood, especially in the morning, use a scented shower gel or, better still, Maiiro’s organic soap.
how to improve your wellbeing through self isolation
Superdrug’s Creamy Foam Hydrating Cleanser & Energising Facial Spritz
how to improve your wellbeing through self isolation
Self-Isolation Tips – Patchouli Passion Eau De Parfum
how to improve your wellbeing through self isolation
Maiiro Organic Soap
how to improve your wellbeing through self isolation
Maiiro Organic Soap
how to improve your wellbeing through self isolation
Self-isolation tips – wash your hands
how to improve your wellbeing through self isolation
Scented Diffuser
  • Keep your hair in good condition. There is no excuse for messy hair, considering your home office may be adjacent to your bathroom. Superdrug has a nourishing almond oil combined with black castor oil and shea butter for hair and body. Take pride in your physical appearance to boost feel-good hormones and to maintain a semblance of normality.
how to improve your wellbeing through self-isolation
Nourishing Almond Oil
how to improve your wellbeing through self isolation
Nourishing Almond Oil
  • Dress to impress yourself. Refrain from working at home in your pyjamas (whether or not they are from the finest cashmere). Wear a stylish casual-smart outfit to improve self-confidence, especially if you have a conference call.

Stay At Home

Self-isolation does not mean you must stop living. Adapt to the situation in the best way possible. We are all in this together. To that end, stay home to save lives. Take care of yourself and each other, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, pamper yourself, fill your homes with love and laughter, speak to your friends and family every day. Meditate, create and innovate to become a better version of yourself. Our invisible enemy may be here for the long haul but will not prevail over humanity that can withstand the challenging test of time.

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