Classics Vs Combats – How To Play With Style?

Classics Vs Combats – How To Play With Style?

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Style is the best address, but some of us lose our sense of direction along the way. Arthur Ashe said once, “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome”. Thus, have fun with fashion, play with your style and enjoy the journey of self-discovery until you are in a place of ultimate satisfaction. Over the years, I have experienced fashion hits and faux pas, but I have reached a point in my life where I know what suits me. Classics or combats? I used to ask myself. Combat accessories and cargo trousers are classic trends in themselves as they have withstood the test of time in the world of fashion.

Historically, military, police and other uniformed services wore a combat uniform for everyday fieldwork and combat duty purposes. My idea of a classic look, however, is clean-cut, demure and understated as opposed to the modern version of combat attire reflected in contemporary urban looks.

Classic Style

Animal prints, polka-dot and houndstooth patterns are classics and part of my innate sense of style. Throughout my roaring twenties, ironically, I regularly wore combat trousers with Timberland boots to match the outfit of my raving partner. In hindsight, perhaps I was trying too hard to look mean, lean and crisp for the garage scene. My love of combat-style trousers is nostalgic to the core, but as I have matured in age, I find them old-fashioned; hence, my love-hate relationship with them.

Combat Comeback

Are combat trousers making a comeback? Femme Luxe has a pair in a khaki camo print with a paper bag waist. Upon my discovery of the latter, I felt somewhat reacquainted with my youth and, thus, felt the need to order a pair. As a classic dresser, naturally, I styled the combat trousers with a white mesh floral-sleeve ribbed top from Femme Luxe. The contrasting styles of the top and trousers complement one another.
Additionally, the autumnal colours of the combat trousers stand out against the stark-white floral top. My younger self would have worn a fishnet vest with combat trousers—without the intention of looking like Scary Spice. What I have learned over the years is how to combine different styles to create a look with which I feel confident.

  • Classic vs Combats

A style of your own is better than a style replicated, which is why I combined two different trends to make a dynamic duo. I still ask myself, classics or combats? But why not both? The only way to understand your style is to play with it. Experiment with different cuts of clothing to understand which work for your body type. Cargo trousers may not suit everyone, but the paper bag waist trousers from Femme Luxe are stretchy and thus suitable for a petite or full hourglass figure. Furthermore, they are durable, hence ideal for winter.

Style Tip

Femme Luxe has black high waist PU cuffed leg joggers, which are slightly baggy. I wore them in the style of three-quarter length trousers, and as such, they looked more flattering. As a style tip, I would suggest ordering a pair one size down from your regular size. Any style of top complements black trousers; thus, I chose a pink polka dot organza collar meshed top from Femme Luxe and accessorised the look with gold-studded, black tights. Pink is such an uplifting colour which has grown on me over the years. I have slowly stepped out of my comfort zone of wearing black.

classic vs comabts
Classics vs Combats – Black High Waist PU Cuffed Joggers
classics vs combats
Pink Polka Dot Organza Collar Mesh Top
classics vs combats
Classics vs Combats – Cuffed Joggers
classics vs combats
Pink Polka Dot Classic

Timeless Fashion

Combats or classics? That is the question. Classic trends or fashion are timeless, thus will always reign supreme in my realm of style. Polka dot, monochrome, animal print and a tailored jacket are my wardrobe staples, but I have also learned to combine such looks with other forms of attire. The benefits of the latter are:

  • A seemingly up-to-date wardrobe
  • A sustainable wardrobe
  • Save more money by spending less on clothes
  • Experiment with existing staples to create different looks
  • Become a trendsetter as opposed to a trend follower
  • Develop a profound appreciation of one’s style
  • Become more self-confident

Old Vs New

Combats or cargo pants look less old-fashioned when styled correctly. Timberland boots with combat trousers are a thing of the past. My advice would be to wear a pair of cargo pants with fashionable trainers or smart black ankle boots.

Femme Luxe has some enticing offers, including free next-day delivery on orders over £20 made before midnight. They receive new styles every week, which are suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Have fun with fashion. How to play with style? That is up to you, but remember to be confident, embrace your mind, body and soul and let your style do the talking.

Written by Style Icon Nat | Photography by Jamie Walker| Femme Luxe Refinery – Paid partnership.


Style Icon Nat

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