How To Look Stylish During Self-isolation?

How To Look Stylish During Self-isolation?

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Since the lockdown order, I, ironically, do not feel like a prisoner in my home but rather like a new person who has elevated from a cocoon of personal growth, strength and reflection. The centre of my world is officially my home that used to feel somewhat empty. Work and play have merged amidst a creative environment. Things I had once considered chores, such as cooking and cleaning, have become hobbies. The social butterfly I used to be has settled her wings to appreciate the stillness of home life. Live every day as if it were your last. Develop self-confidence by taking pride in your appearance, amongst other things, hence my forthcoming tips on how to look stylish during self-isolation.

Fabric Composition

Admittedly, I do not wear makeup or formal attire every day. However, I make an effort to look decent to maintain a semblance of normality. Refrain from lounging in a ‘onesie’ or PJs (save the latter for Sundays). A stylish casual-smart outfit combination is sufficient enough to jump-start your day with a fresh outlook. Furthermore, I suggest wearing outfits made from such fabrics as cotton, viscose or cashmere. In a recent vlog, I emphasise the benefits of wearing comfortable or bright-coloured clothing at home. You may feel more positive, content and motivated to work. However, style is subject to your home circumstances; for example, personal childcare requires a practical wardrobe. A vibrant outfit amongst the mix is maybe inappropriate for playing hide-and-seek but suitable for a friend’s online reunion in the evening.

Tips on How to Look Stylish During Lockdown?

Here are five useful tips on how to look stylish during self-isolation:

(1) Wear a timeless print such as houndstooth as a quirky alternative to black. Femme Luxe has a short sleeve houndstooth loungewear set. The trousers are a slim fit with an elastic waistband, and the style of the matching top is boxy. Both pieces are comfortable and practical to wear when working from home. Additionally, a round neckline is straightforward to style with accessories. Houndstooth is thus appealing as a suitable option for online conference calls during self-isolation.

how to look stylish during self isolation
Houndstooth Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set

(2) Fabric composition determines the durability and thermal comfort of an outfit. Cashmere is up to three times more insulating than regular sheep’s wool. The weather is currently warm, but cashmere is an excellent choice for those who live in a poorly insulated home. Cotton is thermo-dynamic, thus keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. I came across a high-neck, newspaper print polyester midi-dress on Femme Luxe, in monochrome. Many of their items consist of polyester and elastane; thus, these items are practical for office attire when working from home. Polyester is also resistant to shrinking and wrinkles. To that end, wear outfits that require minimum upkeep during self-isolation.

how to look stylish during lockdown
Looking Stylish During Lockdown – Newspaper Print Midi Dress


(3) Declutter your wardrobe during self-isolation. Bring old items back to life. Create a new outfit for every day of the week, and include bright-coloured pieces or those with a quirky print in your final edit. For example, Femme Luxe has a sage ruched bodycon midi-dress that is more of a party piece. Nonetheless, you can still dress up over the weekend for a date night at home. The colour of the dress is a beautiful, subtle green, but its fitted style oozes sex appeal and a hint of sophistication. My sense of style can be outlandish with a classic twist at times. Femme Luxe has a myriad of stylishly eclectic clothes with which to experiment. Their slinky white, newspaper-print high-neck midi-dress is one of my favourites and a fun-loving item for a virtual birthday celebration.

how to look stylish during lockdown
Sage Ruched Midi Bodycon Dress

(4) You may think that there is not much use for a little black dress at the moment. With a bit of imagination, however, you could spruce up your sex life by wearing a slinky black dress for your man. Pencil in a dinner date to recreate ‘that Friday feeling’ and ensure you both dress to impress. I could not resist a black mesh floral sleeve bodycon mini dress from Femme Luxe. Although the dress is short, you would feel less self-conscious about wearing it within the comfort of your home. I would recommend tucking the dress into a pencil skirt or paper bag trousers when worn in public.

how to look stylish during lockdown
Black Mesh Floral Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress

Think Outside of The Box

Within a short space of time, our ‘normal’ way of living and working has shifted from freedom of movement to engaging with others virtually within the confines of our homes. My advice is to think outside of the box. Reassess your core values, and prioritise who and what is important to you. Reinvent your sense of style during self-isolation, so the man or woman in the mirror learns to love themselves more than before.

Written by Style Icon Nat | Femme Luxe Refinery – Paid partnership | Black Slingback Shoes by Deichmann UK – Gifted.


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