How to Put A Spring In Your Step?

How to Put A Spring In Your Step?

Photography : Style Icon Nat

Is your fashion-conscious side making a gradual comeback from lockdown suppression? I’ve had good and bad days, from full-on glam queen to a hot mess. In some way, we overcome adversity and progressively move forward with an assertive spring in our step. Furthermore, British summertime plays a significant part in boosting endorphins and, as a result, our fashion choices. Put a spring in your step with an injection of colour, come rain or shine. Functional fashion is not quite the same without the fun factor.

Emerging British fashion brand, Amari Amari, offers a colourful range of luxurious knee-high socks. Albeit more appropriate for winter, socks are both a classic accessory and a practical wardrobe staple. Amari Amari showcases quintessential British style juxtaposed against nostalgic ’80s fashion through a collection of traditional prints and roaring neon colours.

The 1980s Blew My Socks Off!

Love by Amari Amari is outrageously colourful, hence fit for eclectic taste. I often combine classic staples, such as a tailored jacket or black skirt, with quirky items. In essence, I appreciate timeless elegance with a twist. Consequently, I chose a pair of green, red and yellow socks from Love by Amari Amari. They ooze the 1980s nostalgia of Salt-N-Pepa’s and Madonna’s trend-setting styles. Notorious for bold colours, style and silhouettes, the 1980s are my favourite fashion era.

how to put a spring in your step with socks?
Green Socks – Love by Amari Amari
how to put an extra spring in your step with socks?
Amari Amari Red Socks
how to put a spring in your step with socks?
Love by Amari Amari Yellow Socks

The Megan Socks!

The Megan collection comes in two-tone colour combinations, such as grey/red and brown/orange. They are classically stylish. In comparison to Love by Amari Amari, Megan depicts the youth subculture of classic American school uniform from which “preppy styling” originates. Both collections are versatile; I styled them with 1980s-inspired attire: a statement skirt and tops. Made from 75% cotton and 25% nylon, the socks feel pleasant on my skin, and not itchy. The diamond-shape print of Megan and Love by Amari Amari branded socks makes a daring fashion statement.

how to put a spring in your step with socks?
Megan Socks in Brown & Orange
how to put a spring in your step with socks?
Megan Socks in Red & Grey

Sustainable Socks!

Despite the over-saturated market of luxury fashion brands, Amari Amari offers a high-quality range of socks at an affordable price. Furthermore, consumers are more conscientious about the environment and thus likely to invest sustainably. The evolution of a new brand is slow initially, but Amari Amari stands in good stead for longevity as an ethical brand. The world of fashion has changed immensely, especially since the pandemic. There is a greater appreciation for sustainability. Amari Amari packaging is 100% recyclable, and all products manufactured at ethically approved factories.

This Blew My Socks off

Written by @StyleIconNat | Amari Luxury Socks – Gifted


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