How To Dress Efficiently And Look Sassy For Fashion Month?

How To Dress Efficiently And Look Sassy For Fashion Month?

Photography : Style Icon Nat

‘Fashion Month’ is like a roller coaster ride. It requires a cautious approach in the build-up to an adrenaline-rush-provoking succession of events and shows (that take months to organise) followed by an anti-climatic ending as the thrill is over before you know it. Meticulous wardrobe planning is part and parcel of preparing for ‘Fashion Month’. In hindsight, every season is a fun experience, especially abroad, but I ensure my outfit choices, and bag-contents include staples that keep me going throughout ‘Fashion Month’. The Autumn Winter ’18 shows ended this month, sadly, but I feel somewhat relieved as my ‘glam-o-meter’ was in overdrive and needed to slow down. I paced myself rather well this season but September is a busier month due to the weather, and I also travel to Milan and sometimes Paris which are a continuation of the runway shows. How do you cope with ‘Fashion Month’? Drink plenty of water? Yes, because water helps to combat fatigue or a hangover from the night before, but too much will cause excessive trips to the loo, which is an unpleasant situation to be in, especially during a runway show. I desperately needed the toilet once while I sat in the front row. I had to wait until the show ended or ruin my reputation and the presentation had I fled across the catwalk in search of the nearest loo. On that note, water and too much alcohol, I would like to add, are not the answer. The following, however, are:

Sunglasses. My Cocosaofficial sunglasses are big and fabulous. They disguised my tired eyes during London Fashion Week this season. I suggest buying a pair of sunglasses that suit the shape of your face. Choose a neutral or classic colour that compliments most outfits. You may choose to wear less makeup when feeling a little run-down. However, you can still look fabulous in a pair of sunglasses and a red or glossy lip.


Style Icon Nat Wears Cocosa Style Icon Nat Wears Cocosa

Make-up. We all have our favourite make-up brand. I have always been an avid fan of Mac cosmetics, which I have combined with Fenty products since their launch. Invest in a good foundation for natural coverage during ‘Fashion Month’, which you can top off with a suitable blusher for the evening. I prefer a foundation that has a matte finish as opposed to a prominent shine, which can look overpowering in photos. It is essential to wear the right beauty products that look and feel natural, especially during a busy day.


Style Icon Nat Wears Fenty Beauty

A good perfume is a must-have. There is little time for outfit changes during ‘Fashion Month’ unless you have a driver, you can afford an Uber to get you from A to B, or you have a base near the main fashion hub from where to change. All you need is your favourite scent to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. ‘Spray and go’ to keep the odour away is my top tip and one that will prevent you from being ‘the elephant in the room’.

Style Icon Nat Wears Acqua Di Parma Style Icon Nat Wears Acqua Di Parma

A lightweight bag is essential and practical for ‘Fashion Month’. Avoid heavy accessories. Opt for a suitable bag that is big enough to hold your invites, mobile phone, and other key items of your choice without having to carry an additional bag. Muste Studios design beautiful large clutch bags that are also stylish. Their Daphne bag accommodates my Canon camera, swing grip, foldable flat shoes (in case of an emergency, but I rarely change into flat shoes), makeup, and other items.

Style Icon Wears Muste StudiosStyle Icon Wears Muste Studios

Comfortable shoes or boots are the ultimate survival staple for ‘Fashion Month’. If you have a trusted pair without the need to change into another pair of shoes, then you are smart as well as fashion-savvy. I withstood the test of time in my floral ankle boots by Anca Steto, a brand I discovered at The Micam while in Italy. Their floral boots have inbuilt cushion insoles for extra comfort and look striking with a black ensemble. Dressing glamorously with a touch of comfort is commonsensical.

Style Icon Nat Wears Anca Stetco Style Icon Nat Wears Anca Stetco

Do not underestimate the small details, which often make a big impression. A complete outfit change is not always necessary if you wear the right jewellery that can instantly transform an outfit. Keep a small bag of jewellery in your main handbag. When transitioning from a day to an evening look, add a beautiful necklace or a pair of earrings that stand out from your outfit. I wore less jewellery in the day during ‘London Fashion Week’ this season but made a statement with a faux fur shrug in cobalt blue and black. For the evening, however, I added a silver necklace and earrings to my look from one of my favourite jewellery designers, Giulio Civico, based in Italy. He also designs amazing rings, which I wear every day. The one below is from his latest collection, ‘Stop The Time.’

wears giulio fashion month Style Icon Nat Wears Giulio Civico

Overall, ‘Fashion Month’ is fast and furious. By all means, look glamorous and fierce to suit the occasion. However, if you appear slightly uncomfortable in an outfit this will show, especially in a photo. To remain a cut above the rest, dress efficiently as well as sassy. You will find more tips on how to survive ‘Fashion Month’ on my YouTube channel.

Written by @StyleIconNat | Photography by Style Icon Nat | Thank you Cocosa, Muste Studios, Anca Stetco, and Giulio Civico.


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