How To Sculpture A Stronger And Healthier Version of You?

How To Sculpture A Stronger And Healthier Version of You?

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Contrary to popular belief, the day has enough hours to strike a happy balance between a hefty workload, social activities, and exercise to let off steam. That said, do you find a workout in the gym somewhat monotonous? Am I the only one who needs more than a tedious treadmill to get motivated to exercise regularly? The latter is no easy feat unless you are willing to try out a new form of fitness that will enable you to define “a better mind and body” for the fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st century. Nestled in the heart of Fitzrovia, Define.London launched on the 10th of March. It is a luxury boutique-style studio that offers ten unique class concepts. Their mission is to “help sculpture a stronger, healthier and more inspired version of YOU”, which has proven to be possible under the leadership of founder Ashley Verma, who grew up in West Virginia, USA.

Define London Define London

Known for her Broadway career, Ashley suffered a significant injury in 2015 to the detriment of her career as a performing artist. Nonetheless, this ‘setback’ instigated Ashley’s creative vision of Define.London, hence the fusion of luxury chic; the studio’s design concept, which includes a majestic chandelier on the first floor; and the immediate surroundings of Fitzrovia combined with the urban-cool vibe of New York City. The latter resonates throughout the brand.

Define London Define London

As part of the launch, I attended Define Dance Cardio, which is a 50-minute cardio session including a rigorous dance routine. My level of fitness is pretty good as I jog and swim regularly, but fitness instructor Gabriella Cocca pushed me to new heights. I just managed to keep up with the rest of the group as my dance moves were sometimes out of sync. The latter, however, beats attempting to dance in a stifling nightclub any day.

Define.London is modern and equipped with three fully air-conditioned studios, changing facilities including fresh towels, and a VIP shower room with the latest luxury beauty products. Furthermore, Define.London is a social and fitness hub combined so that clients can relax on the upper floor while indulging in a healthy smoothie after a workout.

I attended Define Barre over Easter, for which I chose to preserve my energy instead of going out the night before. I almost resisted considering it was a bank holiday weekend but, in hindsight, I am happy that I decided to wake up early and attend the class, after which I felt more empowered. Ashley led the class which consisted of approximately six people including myself. Each class holds a small group of people which adds a hint of exclusivity. Define.London barre-based workouts incorporate an intense mix of thigh and glute sequences including a bosu ball, which I placed in between my thighs while swinging my hips from side-to-side to upbeat music. Overall, I had ‘a ball’ (no pun intended!). I cannot wait to try the other class concepts, as no two workouts are the same to surprise the muscles.

Define Barre Define Barre

For those who cannot make it to the studio, Define.London offers over ten do-it-yourself workout videos available for purchase from the website. They also have an app, available to download from Apple and Google, which includes features that showcase instructor profiles, all day schedules, plus a link to book a session via the app.

I have always known how to define my style, but not necessarily my fitness goals. Define.London has introduced me to a new method of fitness workouts which I want to explore further. Ultimately, a reasonable level of fitness and health leads to a better lifestyle.

“Define.London is giving class concepts you will not find anywhere else due to our attention to form, musicality, transitions, and well planned out formats. We want our clients to love the class and the community feel”, says Ashley

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