How To Grow Your Hair Gorgeous?

How To Grow Your Hair Gorgeous?

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Beautifully kept hair – long or short – stands out just as much as just-got-out-of-bed hair! Both make a statement promoting an “I care or I don’t give a f%&*!” attitude. Adopting the former mindset, I believe, is more likely to place you in good stead for the rest of the day. For those of us who take our beauty regimes seriously want nothing but the best products to keep ourselves looking fabulous. We’d be perfectly happy to test and give any new beauty product a trial run. When I received an invite to the launch of Grow Gorgeous’ Strengthening oil I couldn’t wait to attend. When it comes to fashion, hair and make-up I am like a bull in a china shop – unable to contain my excitement and pretty unstoppable when it comes to feeding my knowledge with the latest beauty and/or fashion trends.

The Grow Gorgeous event took place at the Cheeky Parlour Redchurch in Shoreditch. As I walked through the main entrance I stumbled upon a restaurant. “Am I in the right place?” I thought curiously until a member of staff noticed I looked a little perplexed then directed me upstairs where the event was hosted by The Hut Group. I was greeted by Jinny – a lovely lady who looked rather stylish. A colourful display of healthy food caught my eye thereafter – buffet style, cupcakes, and a gentleman serving prosecco – bottomless I’d like to add. The hospitality was second to none. I had a beautiful henna design painted on my hand by Pavan in addition to a complimentary manicure opting for a classic ‘cheeky-cherry’ polish by Cheeky nails. I had no idea this brand existed until then, and what perfect timing considering I was in preparation mode for Paris Fashion Week for which I had a trip scheduled the following day. My cheeky nail polish lasted an entire week. Result!


Cheeky nails

Cheeky nails

Other guests in attendance were getting their hair styled. I decided to try Grow Gorgeous’ strengthening oil at home along with theIr hair growth serum and cleansing conditioner which came in a goody bag. I have Afro-hair which looks funky when I let my curly, dark locks loose but, due to being quite brittle, aren’t as manageable as European hair. Nonetheless, after using Grow Gorgeous I discovered this product is suitable for all hair types. There’s no need to shampoo prior to applying the conditioner as the grow gorgeous multi-tasking system replaces the need for separate shampoo, conditioner, and treatment. In one step the cleansing conditioner rebalances the scalp and restores hair to flourish. During Paris Fashion Week, I applied drops of the hair growth serum to my scalp in the morning or the evening as instructed which kept my scalp moist. For extra shine, I applied some of the strengthening oil to my hair before a soiree. The oil is ideal for Afro-hair leaving it less dry. The smell of the oil is lush too reminding me of almonds. In fact, it is Chia seed oil and protects your hair from protein loss. So, if you want your hair to grow gorgeous – be it blonde, brunette or Afro – this is one way of speeding up the process. Give the Grow Gorgeous products a try like I did. I, hardly, had time for self-pampering during Paris Fashion Week but Grow Gorgeous kept my hair glowing when I mostly needed it to.

Paris Fashion Week but Grow hair Gorgeous

Written by @Styleiconnat TheLifestyleCollective | Images My Own | Thank you The Hut Group


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