How To Own Your Glow During London Fashion Week?

How To Own Your Glow During London Fashion Week?

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Have you ever wondered how to ‘own it’? The skin we live in that is. Glowing skin says a lot about our beauty regime combined with the skincare products we use. If our diet is not perfect, then one other solution to achieve radiant skin is to invest in beauty products enriched with sufficient goodness to enhance our inner glow. Life is too short for constant dull moments hence why I was thrilled to attend a press breakfast in Selfridges to celebrate the new C+ Collagen line by Dr.Dennis Gross, launching exclusively at Selfridges. In this day and age, there is no rest for the wicked. However, we still need to find time for a little self-pampering to look and feel good. Furthermore, what better way to preen ourselves than with affordable, cutting-edge beauty products like Dr.Dennis Gross’s four-piece product line. Such products, as I discovered at the launch, are paving the way for new technologies, within the beauty industry, which is conveniently high-performing for at-home use. According to Melissa McGinnis, Beauty Buying Manager, Selfridges “The Exclusive C+ Collagen Line is a fantastic addition to our beauty workshop. As the concept of ‘The Peel’ continues to gain momentum, we are pleased we can offer Dr.Dennis Gross’s expert approach with these excellent at home solutions.”




During the press breakfast, I tried the C+ Collagen Deep Cream, and Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum having rubbed a small amount of each product into my skin. Both products are smooth, and light in texture oozing a fresh aroma. I have a habit of smelling produce, so my natural reaction was to smell the cream and serum. Overall, my initial impression of Dr.Dennis Gross’s new range was of intrigue. I wanted to learn more about their natural ingredients which are beneficial especially for those with sensitive or dry skin like mine. To that end, I made my way to The Edition Hotel after breakfast where Dr.Dennis Gross was accepting interviews, and skincare therapists were at hand to offer facial treatments.

deep cream


own your glow

Based in New York City, Dermatologist Dr.Dennis Gross has dedicated 17 years to developing technologies as “a brand new way of rebuilding collagen” which he considers The Holy Grail of Youth. In a thought-provoking interview, Dr. Dennis Gross revealed that his simple philosophy is he “takes natural ingredients, combines them and does certain chemistry to them in order to maximise and improve them” I learned that, Dr. Dennis Gross’s Alpha Beta Peel consists of many alpha hydroxy acids blended with beta acids to produce brighter looking skin. I used to exfoliate on a daily basis, but through the expertise of Dr.Dennis Gross, I discovered this process could destroy the skin. His use of many acids is more effective and less damaging to the skin, as opposed to using one acid at a higher concentration, through a mechanism of detachment rather than exfoliation. “Any product that causes redness, discomfort, makes your skin tight, is a disservice,” says Dr.Dennis Gross, hence why we should exfoliate less.

As consumers, we are inclined to buy high-quality products consisting of more natural ingredients -the driving force behind Dr.Dennis Gross’s formulation of C+ Collagen technology combining Vitamin C “the only anti-ageing ingredient that is an antioxidant fighting free radicals and directly stimulates the production of collagen” and hyaluronic acids which penetrate into the skin. Dr. Dennis Gross refers to this as “internal hydration” of which I was completely unaware. To my surprise, such acids have the same consistency as honey so are not ideal for a moisturiser as Dr.Dennis Gross advised, adding that there is a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid in the form of a mask. Subsequently, I tried his Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask which transformed me into a smurf temporarily. Nonetheless, my skin felt so soft after that and looked even more radiant the following day. Dr. Dennis Gross caters for women with all skin types and conditions. His ‘Instant Radiance’ product is a liquid foundation containing SP40 to protect you from the sun. “In this day and age, where people are trying so many different products you have to protect them, and make sure you are soothing their skin,” says Dr.Dennis Gross – a real expert who understands the needs of his customer base.


Having tried the other products from Dr.Dennis Gross’s four-piece range, I can honestly say my skin felt fresh and looked vibrant after using them for the first time. In a nutshell, they were a godsend just before London Fashion Week. I used all four products every day during LFW. My skin remained hydrated and stood out as much as Sponge Bob at an event to celebrate the launch of the SpongeBob Gold fashion collection in association with six international designers.


What I find incredibly refreshing is the set and refresh mist which hydrates your skin without spoiling your makeup, provided you hold the bottle approximately 8-10 inches from your face. The firm eye cream is another gem. You just need to apply a small amount around the eye area.

dennis gross

dennis gross

Lastly, I would recommend the alpha beta universal daily peel consisting of two pads – step one pad is an all -in-one cleanser to smooth the skin and step two pad acts as an anti-ageing neutraliser. The mask is highly concentrated. Courtney Brooks, who carried out ‘The Peel’ treatment on me, advised using the mask once a month. Overall, I had a very productive morning having owned my glow with pride.

alpha beta


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