The Breakthrough Product of The 21st Century

The Breakthrough Product of The 21st Century

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Just recently, I attended a presentation to learn about a new product which created a bit of a stir amongst fashion and beauty influencers during London Fashion Week AW17. What is more enticing than an invite to discover the breakthrough product of the 21st Century? There is an abundance of beauty products on the market, but which one(s) remain a cut above the rest? Having felt intrigued by the idea of finding a new product to incorporate into my general health regime, I headed to The Eagle in Notting Hill for an exclusive presentation. In retrospect, this was a wise move considering my journey from East to West in the morning. A trek? Yes, it was indeed but one that led to the discovery of Laminine. In a fast-paced working environment or if you are constantly on the go, in general, Laminine could be the much-needed fix missing in your life. As a blogger and stylist, sometimes I have little time to sleep. Early morning starts through to networking in the evening is the story of my life at the moment hence why I often feel drained during the day. We owe it to ourselves to eat healthily and keep fit for our general wellbeing but taking the right supplements can also help to boost our energy levels. Laminine is a product that provides essential nutrition to the body feeding the body essential amino acids. A pot of Laminine contains 30 capsules. According to Camilla May and Katie Cookson, who hosted the presentation, the dosage protocol is to “load your system with Laminine for the first month.” During week one, for example, it is recommended to take one capsule a day. Week two – two capsules a day through to week four when the dosage increases to two capsules in the morning and two in the afternoon. It is imperative to drink more water than usual in the first week to help your system in any detoxifying.


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It has been a week since I included Laminine in my healthy diet. Although a month is required, I think, to see any results in full form I have noticed subtle differences in the way I feel. After a few hours of taking Laminine for the first time, I felt more alert. Usually, I am up around 5 am during the week. By 9 am the tiredness kicks in, a little, so I find drinking lots of water helps to combat my fatigue. Nonetheless, I felt surprisingly more awake around 9 am on the first day of taking Laminine. Since then, I have been taking one capsule a day until week two when I will increase my dosage to two capsules a day as recommended. According to the Journal of Natural Health Solutions, it turns out that there are critical nutrients from the white of an egg – fertilised hen’s eggs that have a considerable amount of health benefits in the human body. The resulting extract, from the process of withdrawing such nutrients from egg white, is called Pese (for proto-embryonic stage extract) which forms the basis of Laminine.

Laminine has other benefits including memory enhancement due to containing amino acids glutamine and glycine. I can understand why I felt more alert when taking Lamine as two other amino acids in Laminine: leucine and isoleucine, participate in critical brain functions and help you to stay more alert and focused in addition to stimulating neurotransmitter serotonin, which contributes to maintaining a positive mood. Subsequently, this could help those who suffer from depression. I learned so much in one morning having satisfied my morning appetite with more useful knowledge as opposed to a full English! On that note, I would recommend Laminine to anyone who is not adverse to taking nutritional supplements daily. Although no side effects have been reported, Laminine may be unsuitable for people with egg or fish allergies. I was also given Lamiderm to test; a high-performance bio-serum that leaves my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated throughout the day since using it.


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