How To Keep Your Pet Well Groomed And Clean?

How To Keep Your Pet Well Groomed And Clean?

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When you purchase through some links in this article, we will earn a commission. Personal care and hygiene are more important than ever, although nothing much has changed in my household. I have always been conscientious about personal hygiene and am even more house-proud now that I have a cocker spaniel named Lady. Animals are just as demanding as humans, I have come to realise, and do not shy away from a bit of TLC including pet grooming and hygiene. VIPs and VIAs (very important animals) alike also appreciate pampering time.

Nilaqua offers a range of pet-hygiene products that clean your pet’s fur without water. I have the complete product range, including the pet shampoo bundle; dry pet shampoo liquid; natural flea-, tick- and fly-repellent pet shampoo, floor cleaner concentrate and surface cleaner. I used Nilaqua’s new coconut shampoo on Lady, formulated for puppies and spot cleaning your pets. It smells yummy and so did Lady who embraces the bathing process. I only use products suitable for her coat. Lady responded well to the coconut shampoo, showing no signs of an allergic reaction. Her furry coat glistened and smelt rather exotic. After a few sprays of shampoo on Lady’s coat, followed by a towel dry, she was good to go.

Personal Grooming

I recommend using the antibacterial eco concentrate floor cleaner in lemon fresh after bathing your pet. Nilaqua’s antimicrobial surface spray will also leave your surfaces with pomegranate and passionfruit or Apple and Jasmine scent, and bacteria-free for up to 30 days.

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Personal Care – Hand Sanitisation

As hand sanitisation has become habitual, you want the best for your hands amongst heavy-duty daily chores. I regularly use Nilaqua’s scented hand sanitisers; Cotswold Meadow is my favourite and now a handbag essential. Other scents include fruity wild cherry, fresh watermelon and soft oat milk and honey. The NHS has used Nilaqua sanitiser products since 2016. Nilaqua’s products also offer effective results, such as long-lasting protection and germ-killing for up to 6 hours, and are EN14476 approved.

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Decorative and colourful, Nilaqua packaging is recyclable and comes in different sizes to accommodate practical use and storage requirements. The hand sanitisers come in either 55ml or 500ml foaming bottles, while you can choose from one litre, 200ml or 500ml bottles of pet shampoo. The Nilaqua collection helps keep us, our pets and our homes clean – good things tend to come in threes. Use discount code Styleiconnat10 for 10% off all products on the Nilaqua website.

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