Are Black Friday Sales Really Worth It?

Are Black Friday Sales Really Worth It?

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How many of us have perfect skin? I am one of those people who are genetically predisposed to having dry skin. As a child, I suffered from severe eczema, which, fortunately for me, disappeared in my adulthood. I am still careful, however, about the type of skincare products I use as my skin is sensitive. Unsuitable products will cause my skin to itch or become dry; hence, I have a selection of go-to products that work for me. Furthermore, I often experiment with similar products from the same product range. Sanctuary Spa became a favourite since I discovered them at the Sanctuary high-street boutique spa in Covent Garden, which closed in May 2013.

Sanctuary Spa Boutique

Trips to Covent Garden had not felt the same when Sanctuary Spa ceased operation. I loved the idea of disappearing into an oasis hidden within the heart of London. A day at the Sanctuary spa became a traditional birthday treat from my mother. What is more, the scent of Sanctuary Spa products has stuck with me since and nostalgically reminds me of restful afternoons away from the bustling streets of Covent Garden.

Cruelty-free and designed to transform your mood, Sanctuary Spa products are great for sensitive skin. Their signature soft and earthy fragrance is addictive, and it makes me feel super fresh. The body wash, for example, is infused with essential oils, including jojoba beads. Self-care is a personal investment, and, considering it is Black Friday, I suggest stocking up on your favourite skincare products. Sanctuary Spa is offering 33% off almost everything in their Black Friday sale.

Sanctuary Spa Gift Sets

Gift sets make lovely Christmas presents. Spa Favourites, for example, is good for value for money, and it includes a Shower Oil 75ml, Body Wash 250ml, Salt Scrub 100g, Body Lotion 75ml, Wet Skin Moisture Miracle 50ml, Heel Balm 75ml, Hand Cream 75ml, Sleep Mist 50ml and Body Puff.

  • Sanctuary Favourites

The Slumber box includes a De-Stress Warming Body Balm 75ml, which I am currently using to alleviate muscle tension. The gift boxes contain hidden gems, which you may not come across when shopping for your usual skincare products. The body balm is self-heating and does its magic, as recommended. The sleep mist is another new favourite of mine that helps you drift off to sleep with the aroma of jasmine, patchouli and frankincense.

  • Gift Cloud of Dreams

Sanctuary Spa offers a wide selection of affordable products that I still use after several years. The only thing that is missing is a spa boutique. Perhaps it will make a comeback. Either way, it makes for a beautiful childhood memory.

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