Style Icon Nat’s VIP Blog Launch. Why Not Celebrate?

Style Icon Nat’s VIP Blog Launch. Why Not Celebrate?

Photography : iDelick Media

Thursday, 30 November 2017 marked an extraordinary occasion — the VIP launch of The Lifestyle Collective created by me (AKA Style Icon Nat!) Building something from scratch requires careful thought, dedication, and persistence.

vip blog launch Style Icon Nat

I am sure any entrepreneur would agree that real passion for what one does has a vital role to play in personal success. However, one should not lose sight of one’s vision despite unforeseen obstacles along the way. There have been times when I have cried, been let down, or felt disheartened. The latter often occurred due to a lack of support or after collaborating with the “wrong” people who created minor setbacks or glitches in my brand development at the time. However, in hindsight, such unfortunate encounters were blessings in disguise. I learned not to make the same mistake twice, always to have a backup plan, not to trust so quickly, and never to doubt my intuition. In short, the “wrong” people taught me how to make the right decisions in the long run. “It’s a hard-knock life,” alright, especially in the world of business, but with the end goal in mind, one should pick oneself up, dust off one’s shoulders, and march on, as I have discovered.


Without the hunger to succeed, I would lack the desire to challenge myself continually, hence why I expanded my blog from a section on my styling website to a global creative platform of its own.

Through my work as a celebrity stylist and personal shopper, I worked with Alexandra Burke, Amy Willerton, and MBE Kanya King (to name just a few) and still shop for busy professionals from the corporate world. Like most things, having more than one string to one’s bow created a broader scope of opportunities which led to the expansion of Style Icon. Before forming The Lifestyle Collective in 2015, I blogged about events on Style Icon and thus had a bank of content to use for my new website The opportunities have been endless since including sponsored trips to Italy with the ITA. I collaborated with more beauty brands, charities to raise awareness, restaurants, luxury sportswear, i.e. Play Brave for The Boodles, F1 London Live, and emerging brands.

I like to blog because it gives me complete control over my creative output and has developed from a hobby to a professional business in support of other UK brands and international companies. There is something pretty powerful about following a brief set by oneself, as opposed to one made by somebody else.

I find writing cathartic. Blogging allows me to combine my genuine interest in fashion with writing, which nurtures my creative voice. The brands with whom I choose to collaborate provide me with the fuel to drive the momentum of my blog, which is why I write about products, places, and people (eventually) that are of interest to me. Always research into a brand you may work with to identify whether or not there is potential for collaboration. To that end, my launch was a success. The exhibitors involved were brands I had worked with before, including S9 Muses; curators in fashion, Cucumba; the urban pitstop based in Soho; and The synergy amongst our brands has always been high, which is one of the reasons why the VIP launch of my blog was successful—thanks, guys!

Style Icon Nat - S9 Muses Style Icon Nat – S9 Muses

Style Icon Nat - Cucumba Style Icon Nat – Cucumba

Tramp London also played a huge part. The venue is iconic, offering an exclusive and luxurious experience. Guests enjoyed Style Icon and Winter Icon cocktails in addition to canapes throughout the evening.

Style Icon Nat - Bespoke Drink Menu Style Icon Nat – Bespoke Drink Menu

My makeup artist, Maria Grazia Dessi, provided mini makeovers alongside Cucumba, who offered manicures and face painting. The British Heart Foundation and Gold Collagen offered their support by contributing to the goody bags. I also set up a donation page for my late step-father Patrick Ray Allen so let us continue to raise awareness about positive causes through our creative platforms.

Style Icon Nat - Maria Grazia Dessi Style Icon Nat – Maria Grazia Dessi

Style Icon Nat - Pauline Henry Style Icon Nat – Pauline Henry

Style Icon Nat - Sarah Hawkyard Style Icon Nat – Sarah Hawkyard

Singer/Songwriter Sarah Hawkyard – SHy performed a few of her latest tracks including ‘The End Game,’ a song about ambition and the desire to succeed. Sarah’s records are available on Spotify and Apple playlists.

Style Icon Nat - Sarah Hawkyard Style Icon Nat – Sarah Hawkyard

I received such immense support for which I am grateful. The raw beauty of my blog launch was in the coming together of so many creative talents and businesses to raise positive awareness and to celebrate innovation. I stand by my words: “You can not do it alone. You may feel like giving up sometimes but don’t. The right people will always help you in the end! Hang on to that dream and keep going.”

Overall, the atmosphere was great and flowed naturally. Several celebrity guests came along to celebrate my blog launch, too, including Perri Shakes-Drayton, Anisa Topan, Rosa Hoskins, Gillian and Afton McKeith, Daniella Westbrook, Tina Stinnes, and more.

Style Icon Nat - Perri Shakes-Drayton Style Icon Nat – Perri Shakes-Drayton

Style Icon Nat - Anisa Topan Style Icon Nat – Anisa Topan

Style Icon Nat - Rosa Hoskins Style Icon Nat – Rosa Hoskins

Further news about my VIP blog launch is online here:


Rex Features

Got Celeb


I would like to thank everyone for their support including two emerging brands from Italy who sent me pieces from their Spring Summer 2018 collection. I wore the show-stopping fuschia pink  Tunisi dress from Sosud. The silver earrings, bracelet, necklace and ring I wore are from Giulio Civicolxxvi.

Style Icon Nat - Giulio Civicolxxvi Style Icon Nat – Giulio Civicolxxvi

I discovered these brands on a previous sponsored trip to Milan. Both ooze a unique craftsmanship which made me feel like a real Style Icon during the VIP launch of my blog. Bring on 2018!

Written by @StyleIconNat | A big thank you to all my supporters including S9 Muses, Cucumba, iDelick, Maria Grazia Dessi, The British Heart Foundation, Gold Collagen, Tramp London, Sarah Hawkyard, Sosud and Giulio Civicolxxvi | Celebrity Photography Stephen Coke | In-House Photography Jen Marquis-Brown.


Style Icon Nat

Award-winner of the 2020 UK Enterprise Awards for most innovative celebrity stylist & lifestyle writer, Natalie is London based. Additionally, she is known for her work as a content creator and launched her blog in 2017 - Style Icon Nat's The Lifestyle Collective. The latter consolidated her creative skills and supports lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands. Natalie's fashion journey began in Harrods and Browns - South Molton Street, where she worked as a fashion consultant. In 2004, Natalie continued her fashion career as a personal shopper in Selfridges and set up Style Icon Ltd (a personal shopping company) in 2005. This led to worldwide travel for private clients, red carpet styling, student mentoring, public speaking at LFW, Clothes Show Live and British Airways corporate events. The end goal is to inspire, motivate and educate people globally. Natalie has a BA (Honours) degree in social policy & politics, PGCE and creative writing certification from Central St Martins.


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