Why Being ‘Choosey’ Is The Best High-Tech Solution?

Why Being ‘Choosey’ Is The Best High-Tech Solution?

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Christmas is upon us once again. Are you wondering about last minute gifts to buy but feel put off by the idea of trawling the high street in the cold or searching online tediously? Take a deep breath – send a fun card to make someone smile as a starting point. That said, it comes as no surprise that “In the UK this year the British public are expected to spend over £384 million on Christmas Cards.”

You cannot get more traditional than presenting somebody else with a gift or card on a special occasion, but it is worth going the extra mile to make a difference. Be ‘Choosey’ in your selection to make a loved one or friend feel unique to suit their celebration. Do you know about the new video card that is paving the way for a revolutionary high-tech change in the greetings card industry? Ben Nolan from Barnes has launched a card that includes a personalised video message from a loved one, for example, hence the creation of Choosey, an online card retailer that started in the USA in April 2017, initially. With the help of digital technology from Choosey, it takes a couple of clicks to download through your smartphone or tablet. Ben is the CEO of Choosey whose vision for the company “was to take a traditional product and enhance it for 21st-century audiences. Choosey has turned receiving a card into an experience and taken sending physical greetings to the next level. Video conveys laughter, emotion and tells a story.” Ben Nolan says.


Choosey cards have instant appeal as the sender merely uploads a video to each card, be it the same video or a different one. Ben Nolan has mastered the unique selling point of Choosey that eliminates the physical disadvantages of excessive writing, which leads to hand pain. To that end, creating a Choosey is the best high-tech solution to repeatedly writing the same message in numerous Christmas cards and as a potential result could weaken the integrity of your message.

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When a Choosey card is received, it includes a printed QR code, which plays the video when scanned with a smartphone or tablet. All that is needed is for the sender and recipient to download the Choosey app via Google Play or the Apple store.

Choosey greetings cards are ideal for all important occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. The Choosey app is also an innovative digital platform for a surprise birthday or baby announcements. Why not put your seductive voice to the test in the lead up to Valentine’s Day just for fun? There is also the option to customise a Choosey card with words in any chosen font, clip art, and emojis.

Why not purchase Choosey’s Christmas multipacks, which come in a pack of 10 (priced at £13.99)? They also feature five different designs from some of the most creative emerging designers in the UK.

“The only tradition we’re interested in is the fact that people still like to send physical greetings to each other, whether it’s a card, postcard or invitation. Choosey is here to break tradition and create a new emotional connection between people. We want to make sending cards fun again,” Ben Nolan adds.

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