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At-home facial treatments have become an integral part of my skincare routine, so much so that I had almost forgotten about the salon experience. When House of Gloss opened its doors and invited me in for a collagen-boosting facial, I could not resist. It felt good to be pampered by a professional skincare therapist. Additionally,
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What is more important to you: makeup or skincare products? Less is more; thus, my preference is ‘Nakin‘ (i.e., a natural anti-ageing skincare regime) for the day and glamorous makeup for the evening as a way of channelling my inner Pat McGrath (if only the latter were correct!). I’ve always preferred the look of well-kept
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It has been a while since I have written a blog post. The last time, to be precise, was just before Christmas. A few fundamental changes in my life had caused me to slow down to recharge my batteries; hence, the occasional posts. I had separated from my boyfriend (at the time) after eight years,
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