How To Achieve A Powerful Glow Through Smart Skincare?

How To Achieve A Powerful Glow Through Smart Skincare?

Photography : Style Icon Nat

What is more important to you: makeup or skincare products? Less is more; thus, my preference is ‘Nakin‘ (i.e., a natural anti-ageing skincare regime) for the day and glamorous makeup for the evening as a way of channelling my inner Pat McGrath (if only the latter were correct!). I’ve always preferred the look of well-kept skin that emanates a natural glow. This does not happen miraculously but over time, when you adhere to a standard skincare routine that includes the use of good-quality products. For example:

  • Cleansing Milk
  • Face Toner
  • Revitalising Face Oil
  • Performance Face Serum
  • Face Cream
  • Eye Cream
  • Lip Treatment Balm

Tip One

I love makeup (don’t get me wrong), mainly when it is applied to achieve a natural look. Unlike ‘caked-on’ makeup, however, suitable skincare products protect our skin from the elements while allowing it to breathe. Because I have dry/sensitive skin, I often struggle when shopping for facial products. I’ve tried plenty, and I’ve won a few and lost many (by choice). I am always willing to try new products, but tip number one is – read the small print. If you have normal/combination skin, buy products that fall into this category.

Tip Two

Tip number two: rather than buying or testing one or two products from the same collection, I recommend buying or sampling most of the products from a particular range of makeup as they work more effectively when used together. The latter brings me to a new brand of skincare currently on the market—NAKIN. I received all the products listed above. The face cream comes in a matt and an active dew formula.

Over the past month, I’ve incorporated all products into a seven-step daily skincare routine. I used the Active Dew Face Cream during the first week, and the Matt Formula Face Cream throughout the second week for a comparison. Here is my verdict:

Skincare Verdict

Every morning, I cleanse my skin with Nakin’s Advanced Cleansing Milk, which I also use to remove makeup. It is light in texture and is formulated with an advanced active blend of oils, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate and seaweed extract. I am prone to flaking skin; thus, I tend to buy skincare products that target dry/sensitive skin. The hyaluronic acid in the cleansing milk keeps my skin hydrated. Furthermore, it’s non-greasy, which is ideal in hot weather conditions. I’ve used other cleansing milk products in the past, which are either too greasy or leave my skin feeling dry. Nakin’s Cleansing Milk is 98% natural and vegan; hence, it feels refreshingly light.

Skincare Regime
Advanced Cleansing Milk

The Purifying Face Toner assists in the cleansing process. I apply it after cleansing. Rich in aloe vera and witch hazel, the face toner removes makeup quickly and detoxifies the pores. All of the products work simultaneously, which enhances their overall effect on the skin. After two days, my complexion looked even and developed a glow. I continued to cleanse, tone and apply a small amount of serum to boost collagen production. Nakin’s Performance Face Serum is light and quickly absorbs into my skin. The formulas of other serum products I have used in the past were more of a gel-like consistency. Nakin products feel gentle and minimise pores on your face. The Revitalising Face Oil contributes to this.

Skincare Regime
Purifying Face Toner
Skincare Regime
Performance Face Serum
Skincare Regime
Revitalising Face Oil

The Golden Nugget

Nakin’s Face Oil is my favourite product from the range as it makes my skin look healthier. As my skin is prone to dryness, the Revitalising Face Oil prevents it from flaking, (potentially) protects it against colder weather conditions and acts as an excellent primer for makeup. I used to add Baobab powder, which is extremely good for you, to homemade smoothies. The Revitalising Oil is 100% natural, vegan and contains Baobab, Argan, Peach Kernel and Jojoba. Overall, it keeps my skin energised and hydrated.

Beyond Skin Deep

Nakin face creams come in two formulas: Matt Formula (for oily/normal skin) and Active Dew (for normal/dry skin). Week one of my Nakin skincare regime included Active Dew, which contains Baobab, Hyaluronic acid, Pomegranate and Argan Oil to reduce the signs of ageing. The Matt Formula feels lighter and absorbs quickly into my skin, but I prefer the Active Face Cream because it keeps my skin hydrated for longer. It’s also more suitable for dry skin.

Skincare Regime
Matt Formula
Skincare Regime
Skincare Regime
Active Dew
Skincare Regime

I complete my daily skincare regime with Nakin’s Eye Complex and Lip Treatment Balm. The former contains Hibiscus, which is rich in Vitamin C. I apply a small amount to protect the sensitive skin around my eyes. Subsequently, I feel more awake (no pun intended). I could wear lipstick every day if I wanted to, but there’s nothing like a good lip balm for “no makeup days”. Nakin’s Lip Treatment Balm helps to restore chapped lips and contains Shea, Mint, Argan and Baobab Oil.

Skincare Regime
Eye Complex
Skincare Regime
Skincare Regime
Lip Treatment Balm
Skincare Regime

I will continue to use Nakin products as they are a suitable match for my skin. Further to this; they are vegan, vegetarian and cruelty-free. In retrospect, not all skincare products have worked for me. When you find a product that works, stick with it until an advanced formula launches, or you need a complete change. I experiment with skincare more than makeup, which means that I have never been fully satisfied with my skincare choices until recently. I’ve been using Nakin for almost a month, which is a promising start to a new journey of self-discovery.

Written by Style Icon Nat | #ad #gifted products from Nakin.


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