Why Harley Street Skincare Is The New Detox For Post-Christmas Skin?

Why Harley Street Skincare Is The New Detox For Post-Christmas Skin?

Photography : Harley Street Skincare

Harley Street Skincare clinic not only offers a wide range of skincare treatments but also a selection of products designed for different skin types. I have been using Harley Street Skincare products for about seven months since I visited the clinic in the summer. My skin still reacts well to their products. I have sensitive skin, so I struggled to find suitable products in the past. The good news is that Harley Street Skincare clinic offers “try me” kits on its three primary ranges of patented skin care formulations — exciting, isn’t it? Fashion week is approaching quickly, and I have a few short trips planned, so these small kits containing 15ml of each product will come in handy to travel light.

I recently visited Brocket Hall for one night and took my “try me” kit along, which saved me from packing bigger bottles of skincare products. Also, each kit comes in a reusable plastic cosmetic bag, which is excellent value for money. Perhaps you can mix and match the products depending on your skin type.


My sensitive skin is prone to dehydration, so my kit included three products from the Stemcellutions Restorative Skincare range – the serum, hydro cleanser, and moisturiser (the red kit retails at £60,00). I received a further two products from Clean Skin Technology—the exfoliating cleanser and the pore minimising mask (the white kit, which retails at £45.00). The Clean Skin Technology range is an advanced skincare therapy specially formulated to treat and control acne and oily skin conditions. My skin gets pretty oily in hot climates, so I would suggest alternating between Stemcellutions and Clean Skin Technology throughout the seasons.

Harley Street Skincare -"Try Me" Kit Harley Street Skincare -“Try Me” Kit

Harley Street Skincare -"Try Me" Kit Harley Street Skincare  – Red “Try Me” Kit

Harley Street Skincare - Grey "Try Me" Kit Harley Street Skincare – Grey “Try Me” Kit

Harley Street Skincare clinic also offers the essential 24/7 Daily Maintenance system (the grey kit for £45.00) which is a shared unisex brand that fights the first signs of ageing by targeting every layer of the skin. Overall, the “try me” kits make great gift sets for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion, for that matter. Why not treat your mother to one for Mother’s Day or a loved one for Valentine’s Day! Grab one like a hot cake before it is too late!

Written by @StyleIconNat | Thank you Harley Street | “Try Me” Kits Are Available In-store and Online.

Rating Below: 4/5

General Feedback – Handy products but you will need to replenish quickly if you use every day. A 50ml or 100ml bottle is more cost effective in the long run.



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