Why London Lifestyle Is Soul Penetrating

Why London Lifestyle Is Soul Penetrating

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ew York isn’t the only capital city in the world that never sleeps! Born and bred in London, I can honestly say there isn’t a day that goes by without thinking to myself I am thankful to live in such a vibrant city like London – full of magical energy, culture but most of all diversity across waves of different nationalities; another cosmopolitan hub yet again that doesn’t allow us to sleep especially those who love the hustle and bustle of city life, and love to move to the sound of a fast-paced drum beat! Is this why London lifestyle is soul-penetrating? No matter where you go in London, within every nook and cranny, you’ll stumble across a unique bar, coffee shop, restaurant, late night venue – something to keep our spirits up and our soul buzzing with a contagious energy! I take my hat off to Jason Gale, CEO of the London Lifestyle Awards who had a vision to “create an event that celebrated the people, the businesses and the city” that he “had fallen in love with” being London. From this vision, the first London Lifestyle Award ceremony was born on 6th October 2010 at the Riverbank Park Plaza. This is a great platform in my opinion for everyone including influential figures, celebrities, and the general public to collectively celebrate and support those businesses in London who have helped to make this city great offering “the best of the best” to give us the lifestyle we all deserve.

I met Jason Gale for the first time at the London Lifestyle Awards Shortlist party which took place at The Cuckoo Club on Swallow Street. The main purpose of the event was to announce the nominees for the forthcoming award ceremony on 3rd October 2016. As Jason is a rather strapping, tall fella I couldn’t help but notice him first of all. Excuse me for sounding presumptuous but I had an intrinsic feeling he was the one…err, I mean CEO of the London Lifestyle Awards. I introduced myself to him feeling slightly shy. Nonetheless, it was great to meet the man himself behind the brand.


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In attendance was Chris Hopkins who gave a brief welcoming speech, Sinitta – the brand ambassador for the London Lifestyle Awards who looked fabulous in a classic ensemble including black trousers and a multi-coloured Bardot top, and Katie Piper who always looks svelte and demure. For those of you who love gin, the drink sponsor of the evening was Givinity Gin which tastes very refreshing as part of a gin-based cocktail. Complimentary drinks flowed throughout the evening whilst those in attendance mingled. I caught up with the lovely Hannah from Letyano who are proud sponsors of the London Lifestyle Awards. This app allows customers to give private feedback to a particular venue which gives registered members of Letyano a chance to check out private reviews, and for the venue itself to monitor such reviews to improve any quality control issues. It’s amazing how much creativity and innovation a city like London can bring allowing creative thinkers to push the boundaries a little. You can also have a say in which London venues – restaurants, bars or clubs – are your favorite choices to visit by voting through the London Lifestyle Awards website

London Lifestyle Awards

London Lifestyle

As Jason Gale says hitting the nail on the head “London leads the world in so many areas: art, fashion, tourism, hospitality, music…” which inevitably leaves us with no choice but to “celebrate the people and businesses that make the city exceptional to the locals and visitors alike” Let’s continue to inspire and be inspired!

Written by @Styleiconnat | Images my own | Styling my own #ootn dress by Goddiva and jacket by Shein | Skincare – Eberlin from Depicool  and Dermalogica from Cucumba



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