Why Muste Studios Is One To Watch?

Why Muste Studios Is One To Watch?

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Just a few months ago, I was in Milan as part of a sponsored trip to the MICAM, during which I discovered several emerging brands. Subsequently, Mariana Musclot Stetco – founder of Muste Studios and I remained in contact since.

Muste Studios produce accessories and ready-to-wear clothing in Italy, using the most exquisite raw materials, such as genuine leathers and selected tissues that contribute to warm staples – ideal for the fashion week in the winter season. Speaking of which, the AW18 Fashion Month for women is not far from sight. I adore a clutch bag, which is my go-to accessory as part of a trendy day-to-day look during the fashion week. If it were not for Muste Studios’ colourful display of clutch bags at the MICAM, I would have bypassed their stand. Their Daphne clutch made me stop, stare, and swoon. Who needs a man as arm candy when Daphne is around? One morning, Daphne came as a mysterious surprise in a sleek black box tied with a black ribbon. As I unwrapped Daphne with care, the naked truth revealed itself – a stunning large clutch in soft, beige suede. The signature feature of the Daphne clutch is the double-sided flap in matte beige and black, which also showcases the metallic silver lining. There is ample room for a mini iPad, even, together with an inside and outside pocket for extra storage.

Muste Studios -Daphne Clutch Muste Studios -Daphne Clutch

Muste Studios -Daphne Clutch Muste Studios -Daphne Clutch

Muste Studios -Daphne Clutch Muste Studios -Daphne Clutch

The only drawback is having to take extra care of suede which stains quickly due to its high absorbency rate. I have used my Daphne clutch a couple of times. Light beige, unfortunately, is not the most practical of colours. For this reason, a few surface marks are already visible. I keep my Daphne clutch in the fabric dust bag it came with, to protect the suede. However, the latter should be avoided for the leather to breathe sufficiently. Muste Studios produce exquisite pieces like the Daphne clutch, but I would use it for essential occasions only. Besides the colour, the Daphne clutch has several advantages such as its size, trans-seasonal quality and suitability for different wardrobe staples. Here are a few tips to maintain suede, just to be on the safe side:


  • Stain Removal – use a soft pencil eraser or fine grade sandpaper. Rub gently at the discoloured stain with the eraser until the stain is no longer visible. Rub down the bag with a clean cloth or brush after the stain clears.
  • Using A Bath Towel – Rub the surface of the bag with a clean bath towel. The latter brings up the nap.
  • Brushing – Don’t do this with a regular brush but buy one from a leather speciality store.
  • Conditioning – This helps to give the bag a new look. Apply a small amount of conditioner onto a buffing cloth. Use a conditioner specially for suede. Rub it gently with short strokes.
  • Don’t Clean Suede With Water – You do not want to clean suede with water which can affect both the colour and texture of the suede. White vinegar or talcum powder are supposed to work best on fresh marks. Let the talcum powder sit overnight, and then brush the suede the following day to remove the dried powder.


Just before Christmas, I visited Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire. I wore Muste Studios’s jersey and silk dress which I teamed with a faux leather jacket with leopard print lining. I appreciate a classic look but often add a touch of creative flair to reflect my alternative style, hence my choice of jacket and jewellery. Furthermore, the Daphne clutch complemented this look. For the trip, I had also packed the jersey blouse and ‘crepe cady’ pant by Muste Studios.

Muste Studios - Jersey & Silk Dress Muste Studios – Jersey & Silk Dress

Muste Studios - Jersey Blouse & Crepe Cady Pant Muste Studios – Jersey Blouse & Crepe Cady Pant

All garments are surprisingly warm and made from viscose, predominantly. The trousers have a bit of stretch, allowing for more comfortability. It is crucial for me to feel comfortable, especially while I work. I chose to wear Muste Studios’ jersey cape blouse and wool blend skirt on a recent personal styling appointment. However, the blouse had caused pilling on the skirt; in other words, it grew little fuzzballs that are time-consuming to remove, somewhat. I would not wear this combination again.

Muste Studios - Jersey Cape Blouse & Wool Blend Skirt Muste Studios – Jersey Cape Blouse & Wool Blend Skirt

My recommended style tip would be to pair the wool skirt with a cotton shirt in white or a funky print. The jersey tops would compliment a pair of jeans or black trousers. On the whole, Muste Studios’ design aesthetic is original and, perhaps, more directional than practical.

Written by @StyleIconNat | Thank you Muste Studios | Rating Below: 4/5



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