The Absolute Cure to Wonderful Skin

The Absolute Cure to Wonderful Skin

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When the weekend takes its toll on your skin, a detox of WonderMask is needed. Water is the source of life, and so is rejuvenating skincare. Are you ready for wonder skin? Cocunat says yes. Sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free and 100% natural, Cocunat is my new addition to the family and already an award-winner. Cocunat’s The Absolute, The Cure and WonderMask products work hand-in-hand for brighter, younger-looking skin.

It is always worth doing a patch test when using a skincare product for the first time. As such, paint three different stripes on the inner side of your wrist and wait for three, six and nine minutes to know the tolerance level of your skin. WonderMask is for night-time use mainly. Cleanse your skin first, and then use a brush to apply a generous, even layer all over your face and neck.

Wonderful Cocunat

Cocunat’s WonderMask packaging is chic and colourful with a funky twist. WonderMask comes with an applicator brush and face sponge, hence such good value for the money. There is no need to purchase such items separately. For those with sensitive, dry skin I recommend leaving WonderMask on your face for 3–5 minutes. I experienced a gentle, tingling sensation after a few minutes which is a clear indication of sensitive skin. After applying the mask, I wet the sponge with warm water, exfoliated my skin and gently removed the mask. How did my skin feel? Wonderful (no pun intended!). The proof is in the pudding when it tastes better the following day. My skin felt and looked better the next day; thus, I knew WonderMask was a worthwhile product. A 5-in-1 superhero facial treatment, its benefits include:

WonderMask Key Benefits

  1. Mediterranean clay that deeply cleanses the skin.
  2. Instant beauty filter with pure oils, ginger and dog, rose fruit extracts that brighten the skin.
  3. Anti-pollutants that protect your skin from free radicals, powerfully combining vitamins A, C and E.
  4. Close and refine pores by regulating oil production.
  5. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth.
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My skin felt incredibly smooth after using WonderMask. Your skincare routine is not quite complete, however, without a complementary cream, facial oil or serum. For retinol enthusiasts, Cocunat’s The Cure contains twenty-one transforming natural oils. Recommended for night-time use, warm up three drops with your fingertips to release the essential oils, inhale the scent and then apply all over the face, neck and neckline. The Cure smells fresh and natural. It feels light and glides onto the skin with ease, as does Cocunat’s The Absolute cream. Both products contain natural active ingredients that combat ageing.

  • The Cure
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The Absolute has an addictive fruity scent that also has date-night appeal. The fragrance alone scores high (in my books) for allure and emanating summer vibes. The Absolute’s key benefit is the Gene nc886 that reduces the quantity of PKR, which causes ageing, reducing laughter lines by 19%, improving skin nutrition by 14% and reducing dark spots by 10%. All three products would make great gifts for all skin types. You may end up reliving your youth once you find the absolute cure to wonderful looking skin.

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