How to Bring Purpose to Your Life?

How to Bring Purpose to Your Life?

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Was Freedom Day an anti-climax? I do not recall feeling overly excited or anxious but just content being in good health. At present, I ponder over how long our so-called freedom from lockdown will last in the back of my mind. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to take precautions to prevent another lockdown. That said, I will continue to wear a face-covering with a quirky twist (of course), take a minimum dosage of Vitamin D 2000 IU daily, exercise regularly and nurture my well-being. The pandemic has taught me a valuable lesson in self-care and its impact on mental health. Subsequently, essential oils and Aromatherapy Associates have become part and parcel of my well-being routine. I would venture to say that I have mastered the art of living well during the lockdown.

Aromatherapy Associates

Experts in well-being since 1985, Aromatherapy Associates London offer a magical product range of aromatherapy oils that guarantee serenity at home or away. I regularly use their set of ten Ultimate Well-being bath and shower oil containing forty-four different essential oils, all with unique benefits that help me unwind and feel energised – I am addicted. As part of my Ultimate Well-being ritual, I pour a third of my preferred oil into one hand, rub both hands together, inhale the oil three times to relax my mind and gently massage onto my torso. The latter makes for a soothing bath whilst easing your mind, body and skin. My top five favourites are Deep Relax when feeling exhausted, De-Stress Mind when feeling drained emotionally, De-Stress Muscle after long hours at the computer, Inner strength for a positive outlook and Support Equilibrium for emotional balance.

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Aromatherapy Associates – Ultimate Wellbeing

Self-Care Is Healthcare

The self-care kit would make an excellent gift for someone who needs a little self-nurturing. ‘Self-Care is your Healthcare’; hence, why not de-stress with Aromatherapy’s De-Stress Mind Roller Ball, Muscle Gel and Shower Oil. I often experience tension in my shoulders due to sitting at the computer for several hours. A gentle dose of De-Stress Muscle essential oil helps to alleviate muscular shoulder pain. The Sleep Well kit is all you need for a peaceful night’s sleep, which contains Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, Relax Body Wash and Deep Relax Roller Ball. Each well-being kit targets a specific need whilst helping your mind, body and spirit to restore balance.

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  • De-Stress Bath & Shower Oil
  • De-Stress Mind
  • Aromatherapy Associates
  • Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil
  • Deep Relax Roller Ball

” Live your best life. Feel energised and inspired every day to bring purpose and balance to your life”. Aromatherapy Associates.

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